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06 Dec 15 Thermador Culinary Preservation Columns


Whether you entertain during the week, weekend or special holidays, you can select Thermador Culinary Preservation Columns for your specific entertaining style. A weekend cook requires more fresh food storage while a holiday entertainer needs more wine storage.


Thermador has seen a swift increase in new and unique configurations of refrigerator-freezers. Highly customized Culinary Preservation Centers are emerging within the kitchen and throughout the home to provide a seamless entertaining experience, as well as to accommodate relaxation and leisure time of the host once the guests have departed, such as in the study or home library.

In order to accommodate gatherings of any size for any occasion, and ensure hand-selected ingredients are incredibly flavorful and fresh when it is time to begin the meal preparation, ample refrigeration in the kitchen is essential for preserving produce, fresh seafood, meat and other ingredients. Because the meals are prepared with locally-sourced ingredients, and quite often any leftovers are sent home with guests, there is less need for a large freezer to store pre-made or leftover dishes. Rather, a smaller freezer space is needed to preserve items such as frozen desserts (such as homemade sorbet) or ice to chill cocktails. Additionally, a wine refrigerator is also necessary to ensure that guests visiting for the weekend, or stopping by for an afternoon, will always have a perfectly chilled vintage available.

An ideal Culinary Preservation Center for a Weekend Entertainer may have a 30″ Thermador refrigerator column alongside a 30″ bottom-freezer refrigerator and an 18″ wine column – all located within the kitchen. This configuration and location ensures the host can easily store and access cooking ingredients, ice, wine and any chilled treats to serve guests – no matter the type or size of the gathering, or the location of the event within the home. The kitchen is the hub from which any gathering will become a spectacular occasion that is discussed throughout the week until it is time to gather again. See more at Thermador.


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03 Dec 15 FireGlobe fireplace by Eva Solo

The FireGlobe fireplace enhances the beauty of the flames with its sculptural shape and is perfect for bringing together family and friends in the garden or on the patio.

The fireplace not only creates a wonderfully warm atmosphere, it also provides ample warmth to dispel any chill on a cool summer evening, allowing you to stay outdoors longer and later. When not in use, the fireplace can be moved to a new position depending on the sun, wind and weather conditions. Simply lift it up by the integrated handle. The portable fireplace is made of black, matte enameled steel with aluminium legs. Dimensions are Ø64 cm x H75 cm. Eva Solo.


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30 Nov 15 Bompani range cooker


These beautiful Bompani range cookers are very functional and robust. Available in numerous configurations and colours, the Italian made cooking ranges are surely to satisfy the highest demands of modern cooks.


Based on the range cooker model, your Bompani may feature 4 gas burners + 1 triple ring Wok burner with FFD and one-hand electric ignition or Vitroceramic cooking hob with 5 cooking zone, turbofan gas oven, gas grill and turnspit or electric multifunction oven with 7 functions, electric grill, oven light, tangential cooling fan. Bompani.


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12 Nov 15 Neff built-in coffee machine


The appearance of this Neff C17KS61 fully automatic built-in coffee machine is quite purist and characterized by the use of blackened glass and stainless steel. A high-resolution TFT display with ShiftControl offers a high degree of operating convenience. The lighting of buttons and coffee outlet as well as the concealed yet easily accessible containers for water, milk and coffee beans, allows for convenient operation. You have one-touch function for personalized milk mix beverage, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, latte macchiato and white coffee.

Neff also equips this built-in coffee machine with aromaDouble Shot for extra strong coffee without compromise in aroma and innovative sensoFlow heating system. You also have 3 grades of adjustable temperatures for coffee and 4 for hot water, making sure that your favourite drink is ready at the perfect temperature. See Siemens built-in coffee machine.

The machine lets you store 8 favourite beverages, prepare 2 cups simultaneously for all coffee varieties and its premium ceramic grinder automatically adjusts to bean variety. Other key features of this built-in fully automatic coffee machine are,

-19 bar pressure pump
– separate container for pre-ground coffee
– sully-automatic steam blast to clean the milk system after every beverage
– automatic quick rinse program when switched on or off
– removable drip tray including container for coffee grounds
– fully automatic descaling & cleaning program

Price for Neff C17KS61 fully automatic built-in coffee machine is around € 2,400. Neff.


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10 Nov 15 Siemens AvantGarde washing machine


The new Siemens AvantGarde washing machine, the WM14U640 is the touch operated tumble washer with the LED display. The most striking feature of the new Siemens washing machine is the 25° angled black screen for improved readability and ergonomics. Together with the wide black-rimmed porthole, the screen creates a coherent, very modern look.

The washer comes with Siemens proprietary i-Dos measuring system that dispenses the precise dose of detergent, based on the water hardness, load size, type and degree of soiling. This also saves water and energy. Price is around € 1,400. Siemens.


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04 Nov 15 Graef milk frother


The Graef milk frother, the MS 701 and the MS 702 models nearly double the volume of milk, allowing you to make delicious milk froth for classic cappuccino, latte or café au lait.

With a maximum volume of 200 mL of fresh whole milk this Graef milk frother delivers about 400 ml of fine, creamy froth. Special sensor monitors temperature monitoring and shuts the forther automatically at the most appropriate foaming temperature. The milk jug can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Graef.


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04 Oct 15 New Ravenna Dimensioni Collection


New Ravenna is pleased to introduce the Dimensioni Collection. The 3 designs are inspired by the urban and natural landscapes of Italy. In honor of the heritage of hand crafted stone, both Città and Coliseum are created from Calacatta, a luxurious Italian marble.


The geometric lines of Coliseum originate in a classic hex, framed by a triple border of dimensional edging and finished with the pillowed softness of Venetian honing. Città is a modern mosaic that creates volume through faceted design. New Leaf is a reflective tile design available in four colorways of metallic glass; Platinum, Rose Gold, Champagne Gold, and Gunmetal. See New Ravenna Parterre Collection.


Sara Baldwin, founder and creative director of New Ravenna says, Mosaic has a historic precedent of astonishing texture, the Byzantines placed gold pieces at angles to reflect light. This collection takes refraction a step further by exaggerating each piece of stone and glass to create surface depth. We wanted to capture the remarkable textures of Italy with strong geometry and organic fluidity.


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02 Oct 15 Indesit MyTime washing machine


MyTime is the innovative washing machine from Indesitand is the first washer on the market with 6 Fast washing cycles for everyday use that are completed in less than 59 minutes.

The ‘A +++ -10%’ rated Indesit washing machine is equipped with the advanced Water Balance Plus technology that has a special sensor to measure the weight of textile in order to precisely regulate the flow of water. For small wash loads, the savings are quite high – more than 70% water, 50% energy and 35% more time.

The MyTime is available in 6 kg, 7 kg and 8 kg load models and features intuitive control panel for ease of use. Price ranges from € 410 to € 500. Indesit. Previously, Indesit Moon washing machine.


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29 Sep 15 Amica Platinum built-in oven


The new Amica built-in oven, the EB 13578 W belongs to Amica New Platinum Line. Featuring a white front and a straight steel handle, this oven also comes with the Duo halogen lighting and retractable, illuminated control knob.

The multi function Amica Platinum oven offers 11 cooking functions and boost heating, easy to clean cool-touch triple-glazed door and ‘A’ energy rating. See Amica Hansa oven.

This 66 liter oven also has Steam Clean function, smooth all-glass inner door without crevices with the printed temperature table for optimal cooking and baking processes. Amica. Previously, Amica Scandium oven.


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26 Sep 15 Boneco Air Purifier


The Boneco P500 Air Purifier provides highly efficient air purification at your home. Select a multi-stage filter that meets your needs – ALLERGY which is the standard one, BABY or SMOG. Whether at home or at the office, the P500 by Boneco blends in effortlessly with your everyday surroundings.

The Boneco Air Purifier offers high cleaning output with the airflow up to 280 m³ per hour, whisper-quiet operation, easy handling with the remote control, clear indication of the air quality in the living room. Boneco.


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