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This is a original 1971 Buick GSX 455 car. Yes this is a original, NOT A CLONE, 1 of only 124 ever made in 71 that includes 350, 455 and 455 stage 1 cars all together. This car is registered in the GSX registry. This car was not known to exist until it was discovered a little while ago. There are 3 known so far out of all 1971 GXS’s to have a paint code of 62 which is Bittersweet Mist. The others Bittersweet Mist GSX’s are restored one is only a 350 engine and 350 auto tranny car. The other is a stage 1 455 car. So this is the only 455 engine 1971 GSX made in the color Bittersweet Mist to date. I have talked to the original owner and have a document that has been signed by him and notorized stating that this is a true 1971 GSX, which he bought on march 12, 1971. I have the original protecto plate This car is a 4owner car, and can be traced to every owner and all the owners are still alive. This was bought brand new at Key Buick & Opel in Jacksonville, Florida on 3/12/71. It stayed in Florida until mid 1979, then it went to the last of the 3 owners in Alabama where it stayed until about a month ago 2/1/08. Now it resides with me here in Pa. This was always a southern car and is about 98% rust free. It has just a little around the back rear window and a pin hole in the rear seat pan and where the battery box is, that was because of a leaky battery but thats it. I have alot of picture of the doors, trunk, floors, fenders, rad support, frame, etc and all of that is 100% solid
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    ok, i have a chance to buy a 1971 buick gsx for $6,500 , its got 120,000 miles on it and is in pretty good condition (it only needs new brakes) im wondering if i should buy it, this would be my first car and my mode of transportation, not just going to leave it in the garage, where i live we get snow for about 4 months a year

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    i love stories like this, i wish i had the money to buy it before you restored an sold it cause id restore the gut and drive it the way it was great find !

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    I hope to buy one of these one day.

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    @naderchaser Hi, I would be interested in the GSX you have if you would consider selling. Please email me directly at´╗┐ or please call me at 570-875-7109. Thanks very much, Marty

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    @naderchaser Hi, I am interested if you consider selling the car. I want a 4 speed. Please let me know if you might be interested in selling. Very serious buyer. Thanks so much. Marty 570-875-7109

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    I’ve got a ’71 Stage 1 4spd . I thought ALL GSX’s were Stage 1’s?? You’re saying this was not? Thanks

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    @stackbundles4areason Hi, I would be VERY interested in the GSX you have. Please email me directly at or beter yet call me at 570-875-7109. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks, Marty

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    If you looking for a Buick Gsx 455 stage 1. im selling it for 18,000

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    how much did u sell it for?

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    @bootyslyr or Rocket power, they both rule. true gentleman’s muscle cars, not some cheap white-trash chevelle.

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    Very rare car indeed. Looks to me that car was Cinnamon Mist. That car is in better shape than when I first bought my 1970 GS Stage 1,so there is a lot of potential for this car. Good luck with your GSX.

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    I own a 70 Buick Riviera with that same 455 engine. All Original parts, 2nd. owner for 20 years and I have photo’s….for sale!!

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    i own a 66..not a gs though…nothing like tri-shield power.

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    Hey thanks for the nice words. The car is already finished to #1 condition back to factory specs and back to all numbers matching. It has taken gold 2 times and the nationals. 389 out of 400 perfect 1st and 394 out of 400 perfect 2nd time. It is for sale as we speak. So if you know someone. I have both judging sheets and every picture in out and upside down. if you haveany questions feel free to call 570-875-7109. Thanks, Marty

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    Rare car, very hard to find parts for. If you could retore it to # 1 you should get the same price as our Mopars. Long Hard Journey ahead, Wish you luck man…

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    you have my dream car…..congratulations!

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    Sweet Ride!, happy to see something done with it!

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    i call it Faded Glory!

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    Sickest car of the world xD Too beautiful for my eyes =’D

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    My fault. I completely forgot about that. :)

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    Read the title :)

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    Is the car sold?

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    I love GS’s I had a 71 stage 1 with the Kenny Bell engine very fast car. But my wife drove it to work as a daily driver. We live in a state that gets lots of snow so I sold it to get her a grocery getter/daily driver with more drivability in snow.Wish I had it back that was 30 years ago. LoL

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    i love those cars yours is pretty nice to bad the block is junk and its not a stage 1

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