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30 Oct 11 2009 – A review of my videos from this year – What did you miss?

THANK YOU ALL FOR WATCHING MY VIDEOS IN 2009. This video is designed to serve as an easy way to see if you missed anything that I filmed this year. There are several videos represented here, and these are NOT all of my videos. These are simply the videos that I think have some significance. These are just short samples… you can click the links on the video to see the whole video. For more info on Slow Down To Get Around please visit:

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Reader's Comments

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    Thank you very much! =D And tell your son that I said, “Thank you for watching and I’m glad you like seeing the trucks!”

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    My son loves this video. Awsome trucks!!!

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    Thank you very much!

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    SICKLY AWESOME job Alan!

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    The Rockledge recycler at 1:06 was the main type of family of recycle dump trucks that dominated every sanitation district in LINY where I lived! Awesome Footage, 5 Stars & KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!

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    Thank you!

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    I definitely hope you do! It’ll be very interesting to see that truck.

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    Thanks man! I can only hope to continue to impress everyone.

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    Thank you! Hopefully we will all find more interesting and unique trucks this year.

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    great video

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    Yeah 2009 has been a trash filled year. Hopefully this year I will catch a curotto can in action

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    wow you have come a long way, and you have grown alot! Nice videos man and I hope 2010 is all about the best stuff ever haha.


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    Awesome video!!! looking forward to more great videos from you!