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23 Aug 11 AC7STAR Xx RoK :: Final Gears of war Montage

(Yes I am aware that his name is no longer Actstarr, but the intro took FOREVER to render, so I just left it as is.) This will be Ac7star’s last montage until Gears of War 2. He goes out with a bang, combining consistent multikills and nasty blindfires with some very fliud but simple editing by Gearsopedia’s own Skull Kidd/Haedache. A short, but sweet montage.

Tags: AC7STAR, FINAL, Gears, Montage

Reader's Comments

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    @musslan09 iceman is my son lmao

  2. |

    should i make another gears 1 montage in hd?

  3. |

    @musslan09 ur joking right

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    one of the sickest montages ive seen! good shit man

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    @musslan09 a sick muthafucka

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    2:29 Is Fuckin Sick yo get fuckin raped random

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    music from samurai champloo, AWESOME

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    @inglishbulldog He Quit Xbox Live

  9. |

    @CynTarius no its justice – waters of nazareth but they are a french band

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    @edtri19 The band is named french?

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    Probably the worst montage I ever seen. Lol and Im not the one to talk shit.

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    @loopylooploopy intro song is french

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    fake rok wannna bee

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    ayeee gud montage bruhhh


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    Could someone tell me the credits song because i cant seem to find it

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    how did we steal it dummy? the first americans were british imperialists.

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    what did u record with

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    Yo can you guys go sub to me and comment and rate anst stuff because my youtube got hacked and i had to make a new one… if you do i will return the favour

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    yo pedi ver el final del juego no como se matan entre amigos

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    the effects are pointless

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    Yes , Gears 2 ist good but gears 1 ist so much better :'(

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    ah gears 1, how i miss you

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    representing for RoK xD lmao

    -AirMaynN Xx RoK

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    the american editor chose the song, retard.

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    its funny how americans robbed english language but nobody talks about that… unlucky