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29 Oct 11 Adventures with Sean (New mini + Bulk + missed FLs)

so other than the Bulk FL we had terrible luck. We caught the mini right before he finnished so we only got about 4 stops, I saw a crown stagg (i think) pulling away and when we caught up to the Consolidated FL it to just pulled away from its last bin. But the bulk driver (51 years old beleive it or not) doing bulk alone as if he was in his twenties. A great guy who may be watching these video himself. Well enjoy pt 2

So, basically EDI’s RRs suck when it comes to revving. But thank God EDCO has some older, quicker, BETTER trucks like this among its large fleet. #626 is definitely the fastest Heil Rapid Rail I’ve seen in person, and I’m very proud to share with you now! Enjoy!
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    That Crown FL is a stagg.

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    @3amrepmike3 Now that you mention that, I’ve also wondered myself about the impact of a FL compactor on bulk waste… always crosses my mind when I see the LA bulk videos. You’d think there would be a hell of a lot more compaction going on inside that body (the items have my condolences lol) compared to rear loaders. Also I guess when you think about it, you’d have to constantly full-pack to avoid simply pushing the garbage back into the body… get a crappy load by doing just that.

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    @MitchellM15 yea I was a little bummed i didnt get more footage of the minis. And the most common form of bulk collection in California is Front load. Most companies use only front loaders. LA has several RLs but these front loaders are used most of the time. I would really like seeing a front loader packing sofas and large items like that. Ive always wondered how well a ram packer handles those and just how well it compacts them. (or just pushes them back)

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    That mini’s one Amrep I don’t mind seeing, such a small truck =] Just wondering, do you know what the body capacity is on it? It’s so strange watching a sofa getting lifting over the top of an FL, bet that’s one thing I’ll never see here in Aust. What is the common method of bulk pick-up over there anyway? Shame you missed those FLs, particularly the Crown Disposal one, but shit happens :/ Awesome footage!!!

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    My pleasure! Yea, I also saw a UWS mini volvo FE RR drive by, aswell as a Athens Mack MR mcneilus. All there stops are far so there all big teases drvin by lol

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    Thnx for getting this mini on film, like seeing him. Believe I remember seeing pics the guy from Amrep posted of this on flickr!
    That guy doing bulk really knows how to operate a FL! Good work to him, the vid you got turned out very nicely. Sorry you couldn’t have filmed either of the other two FLs, would’ve been cool to see that Crown one especially (maybe another time now that you know when he does that stop??). Either way great work, 5 stars (even though I can’t actually give it that 😉

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    I wish, but I doubt it. I really want to. I hope WM won’t go under, lol.

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    @KennysTrucks bring your mom with we can hang out bro lots of great stuff in LA and other cities like me i got 3 or 4 companies in my city i got EDCO by me Republic WARE Burrtec dont see alot of WM they sold most of the routes too Burrtec i keep hearing WM is goin under but havent seen it yet i heard a rumor that its between WM and Burrtec for LA by end of year ive heard that rumor for last 3 years and nothin has gone down

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    @trashmaster684 You have alot of types there wtf. I just have Gayrig.

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    @3amrepmike3 no sense in buying amreps in no flipping zones lol

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    @bdmcneilusmsl Whatev.

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    @trashmaster684 OK. I was just wondering. I just REALLY love trash cans and we don’t have that many types here. Sorry it was bugging you. :(

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    @bdmcneilusmsl If I dont want to do it they why would Mike do it. Stop naggin people.

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    @3amrepmike3 cough you cough

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    lol i was wondering who would point that out first! thnks!

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    Nice job! I like the smiley face inside of the bucket :)

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    nice job! like the new fl! fav!

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    @3amrepmike3 Dude.
    If you want to see my bins soo bad stop nagging other people and come the fuck down to L.A.

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    @3amrepmike3 @3amrepmike3 DARN!!!!!! I REALLY wanted to see them! He has so many from what he has said. How many does he have?!

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    nah he doesnt need people naggin him for his carts

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    Can you get a vid of Sean’s cans? He won’t do it. :( That guy doesn’t seem like 51. Sounds like you had a hard time.

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    I wish I could, but I doubt my Mom will let me. :( :( :(

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    thanks, the driver of the crown truck only stopped to look at a car for sale LOL
    keep lookin for mini SD! would LOVE to see that!

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    @wheeliechook Yeah and he stopped at the end I think in order to test out the arm further, make sure it still was working right. I’ve seen them do that every once in a while, follow the truck through its route with the repair truck. Thanks for the comment!

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    Niccceee 😀 sure moves about quick! Noticed the engineer/mechanic vehicle out and about too, I’m guessing this vehicle probably had been having problems, they get to a certain age and just play up all the time. Our 2002 Dennis Phoenix’s are having little jobs done on them every week now, I’d still rather use them than the new vehicles they’ve brought in anyday though!

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    @trashman243 Poway

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    Wow hes fast! Same here fastest EDCO truck I’ve seen

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    Where Was This At ?

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    @Trashman242 oh, ok. Sure did!

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    wow almost as fast as a curotto can slammin eagle from georges curotto can slammin eagle vid!!!!! nice!

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    @Trashman242 awesome!

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    twin turbo on this beast. nice work

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    @Trashman242 sweat!!

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    @KennysTrucks Nope I didn’t, he just followed this RR around to make sure it was continuing to operate ok. Glad you liked it Kenny!

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    @r6man2 Yes EDCO mech. truck and this was in Poway

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    @trashmaster684 LOL yep you got it

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    @3amrepmike3 Yep this is the truck I was telling you about, it’s awesome to watch and I did get like 10 min. more of him on a different day.

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    @bdmcneilusmsl Yeah I got some mega footage of this same truck on a later date. No he was using the arm there at the end to make sure it was working right since it had been having problems earlier.

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    @JaccobDalton Yeah I think there was something wrong with the arm, he was stopped earlier and they were working on it if I remember right

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    Sometimes i will forget to put mine on the curb and hear the truck down the road and just get it out in time …with that truck I wouldnt have a chance lol

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    @legodude24652 Sweat!

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    @bdmcneilusmsl prob because he knows we film and like garbage trucks so they do it for the hell of it. my old trash driver did that with his pete.

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    holy shit he was haulin’ ass! nice dumpster truck-it looks funny lol.

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    litering the stuff falls out it goes so fast lol

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    Finally a rapid rail to wake the neighbors! Nice one.

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    that pto is working hard

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    EXTREMELY FAST!!!! No nitrous necessary LOL. That’s like a truck you’d see in LA.

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    Awesome vid