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08 Jul 12 Aga iTotal Control – remotely operated Aga range


Built on the highly successful AGA Total Control range, the new AGA iTotal Control Cooker allows you a truly cutting edge control level over your cooker. You can operate the 3 ovens of an AGA iTotal Control from practically anywhere using,

– text message from a mobile phone
– dedicated smart phone apps for iPhone / iPad and Android phones
– dedicated website via a smart phone, laptop, tablet or personal computer

The new Aga iTotal offer level of functionality that allows you to turn individual ovens on as well as turning all ovens and hotplates off.


To receive the remote commands, the AGA iTotal Control use a standard mobile phone SIM card. The iTotal hardware must be located in a position where it can receive network signal and also be able to communicate with the AGA iTotal Control. Monthly costs is £5.95 and 12-month contract is required with the cooker purchase.

Price for the Aga iTotal Control starts at £10,090. Here are complete details on this range.



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