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26 Oct 14 Arzum Mystique electrical samovar


Combining centuries old, traditional tea making techniques of Eastern Europe and Russia, Arzum Mystique is a stylish 3-liter electrical samovar, made from Schott glass and stainless steel. Its teapot has a 1.2 litre capacity and comes with a stainless steel filter.


Arzum Mystique is equipped with a smart sensor system that stops the operation when water comes to boiling point and keeps the temperature constant until you turn the samovar off. Located on the front panel are white for Boiling and red for Keep Warm LED indicators. See Arzum Okka Turkish coffee machine.

Tea leaves, and you can brew herbal teas just as well as traditional black teas, are put inside the teapot and brewed by pouring hot water in from the faucet located in the main body. After brewing, just pour tea into the cups from the teapot and add boiled water to adjust the strength. Price is around € 127. Arzum. Previously, Arzum Firrin toaster.


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