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23 Sep 13 ATAG gas hobs with Volcano wok burner


This professional-grade modular built-in gas hob, ATAG HG3171MB features the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner, which renders concentrated heat into the middle of a wok pan, saving up to 50% on gas consumption compared with other wok burners. Volcano wok burner provides versatile dual output – 0.25 to 3.00 kW targeted inner flame for a highly effective and precise heat supply in the middle, and continuously variable 0.25 to 6.00 kW outer burner. The solid metal control knob and a ceramic glass plate give this robust gas hob a sophisticated look to match its high performance. Price is approximately € 670.


ATAG HG8411MBA is a sleek, 80 cm wide 4-burner built-in gas hob, featuring the innovative Fusion Volcano wok burner and 3 other gas burners. The arrangement of those 4 burners, and the fact that the wok burner is positioned on the left, creates generous space for different kinds of pots and pans. 4 matt black enameled cast iron pan supports, integrated ignition, thermoelectric No Flame – No Gas safety feature. Price is around € 1,250.


The panoramic, ergonomically designed 110 cm ATAG HG1471MBA features 2 middle standard gas burners with 0.36 to 2.00 kW output and 2 side Fusion Volcano woks. Price is € 1,575. ATAG.

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