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25 Nov 11 Betty’s Christmas Cherry-Pineapple Punch Recipe

In this video, Betty demonstrates how to make a delicious Christmas Cherry-Pineapple Punch. With her special ice cubes, you can having lovely, flavorful chilled drinks! Ingredients: (I am writing this recipe, assuming that no sugar-free products are used; therefore, sugar will be an ingredient. If you want an almost sugar-free drink, please follow the instructions on the video. Also, this recipe makes double the amount shown in the video.) 2 small packages cherry Jello 1 package cherry Kool-Aid 2 cups sugar 4 cups boiling water 6 cups water 2 large cans unsweetened pineapple juice 2 quarts (a 2-liter bottle) ginger ale In a large punch bowl, dissolve 2 small packages cherry Jello, 1 package cherry Kool-Aid, and 2 cups of sugar in 4 cups boiling water. (If you do not have a large punch bowl, you can use large bowls, Dutch ovens, etc., and make the punch by halves, if necessary.) Add 6 cups water, 2 large cans unsweetened pineapple juice, and 2 quarts (a 2-liter bottle) of ginger ale. Stir completely. Chill in the refrigerator. You may store it in pitchers in the refrigerator after it is mixed together. Note: This makes a large amount of punch. You may need to cut the recipe in half, if you have space constraints. I only made half of the recipe in the video. Even though this is a large amount of punch, it will go very quickly, because it tastes great, and it is so refreshing! The whole family will love it! — plus it is great for events, like receptions!
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Reader's Comments

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    @axingurl81 No, there is way too much liquid for that to happen.
    –Betty :)

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    wont the punch turn into jello if u put it in the fridge?

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    very cool im going to make it hope i enjoy it nd also mahh family thank you BETTY

  4. |

    u wanna punch POW

  5. |

    @ideagirlconsulting Thanks, Linda!
    –Betty :)

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    posting on my christmas cooking lens on squidoo linda randall

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    @chuchu7s I’m sorry to be so late in answering. I got behind with my comments, and I found this one as I was going through comments this morning. Thanks for the lovely comment!
    –Betty :)

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    @JrummerJosh89 I hope you enjoyed the punch!
    –Betty :)

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    Hi Betty,
    I like your pineapple juice recipe. I am going to
    make this for my nephews 40 th Birthday.
    I like how you put in the jello and kool ade.
    I bet it is a delicious drink. I have a recipe for
    you making a pinacolada drink.
    one can of pinapple juice and one can of coco
    nut cream and a little vanilla extra and a little
    white sugar and mix all up and add ice cubes.
    This is a delicious refreshing drink.
    Happy Holidays and HAPPY BIRTHDAY
    FOR December 15 Thanks for sharing

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    yah look great and ur making a wonderful drinklol merry christmas

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    You can leave out the jello, if you will use about twice as much Kool-Aid. Thanks for asking!
    –Betty :)

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    do you think it will still taste the same if you don’t add the jello?

  13. |

    That’s great! I think you will really like it! Thanks for commenting!
    –Betty :)

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    I already have all of these ingredients lying around the house so I will give this a try :) Thanks Betty! :)

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    I had you in mind when I decided to do this punch. I usually serve it at Christmas time and call it Christmas Punch. I knew you wanted to see some Christmas food–this is maybe a small start! Thanks for watching!
    –Betty :)

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    i really wanna make this :) i like how you use off name brand things :) love it.

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    I think you’ll be pleased with it as Christmas punch, I’ve used it for that many times; guests always *love* it! Thanks for viewing and commenting!
    –Betty :)

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    This punch looks so good. I’m going to make this my Christmas punch too. I tried making punch last Christmas but I didn’t like it that much lol. This looks so good, Thankies Betty :o)

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    That’s a great idea, Patsy! I never thought of that! I just noticed that I was running into trouble for space (using only half of the recipe), and I knew that other people would, also. I used to have a pattern glass punch bowl, but that was one of those things where I thought, “I’ll never use this!” and I sold it for almost nothing at a garage sale! Well, I could have used it for demonstrating this recipe! Thanks for another great tip, Patsy!
    –Betty :)

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    A large Crock Pot insert (or the crock pot itself if the insert doesn’t come out) can double as a punch bowl. If you have one that comes out of the crock pot, chill it over night in advance of making the punch and it actually stays colder longer than glass.