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05 May 14 Blendtec Stealth blender


This is probably the most advanced and quietest blender on the market. Blendtec Stealth allows you to carry on a normal conversation while it is busy blending your favourite ingredients. Equipped with the high performance 3.8 Horse Power motor, 42 preprogrammed blend cycles and 360° sealed sound enclosure, Blendtec Stealth is an excellent choice for those modern home chefs who want their freshest ingredients blended just right.

Other features of the Blendtec blender include,
– illuminated touch control surface with manual speed slider
– intuitive interface for custom programming
– integration with online Blend Wizard tool for creating custom blend cycles
– USB connectivity for downloading and uploading custom programs
– available in-counter option
– compatibility with all Blendtec jars

The powerful Blendtec Stealth blender comes with WildSide jar, twister jar and user guide. Price is around ,500. Blendtec.


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