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15 Apr 12 Blomberg gas cooktop


The elegantly designed 60cm wide Blomberg GEN23436E gas hob is made of modern stainless steel and features 4 gas burners, including 3.8 kW wok burner, cast iron pan supports, auto ignition front control knobs that match the knobs of the Blomberg ovens for a harmonious look, and one piece hob surface for easy cleaning. This Blomberg gas cooktop also comes with easy to use under-dial instant ignition and flame safety device which automatically cuts off the gas is the flame goes out.

Blomberg cast iron pan supports are designed to guarantee maximum stability and generous spacing between the burners. Its continuous straight design allows you to easily slide pots and pans from one burner to another. The efficient front-left triple crown wok burner helps you cook food rapidly without compromising any nutritional values. The crown ensures that the heat is distributed evenly, resulting in excellent cooking performance over a shorter period of time. Other burners are 2.0 kW rear left, 1.0 kW front right and 2.0 kW rear right. Price for the GEN23436E gas cooktop from Blomberg is £230.


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