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25 Nov 11 brick making machine extruder clay bricks

the age old manual processes have given way to modern methods of efficient brick manufacturing and rapid drying and firing HAMGAM SANAT is a world leader in such processes and is producing very robust, long lasting and reliable machinery. Semi-automatic plants still use sun for drying the bricks. in some cases the transfers are manually handled. in both the automatic and semi-automatic processes the crushing of the soil is done using a primary and a secondary crusher . the powdered clay is mixed with water and allowed to become homogeneous in curing tanks . Air is removed using vacuum pumps. This homogenous mixture of water and clay is extruded to from bricks. In the automatic process the bricks are transferred into hot air ovens by use of handling machinery. after drying the bricks are mechanically transferred to firing kilns .HAMGAM SANAT kilns which are among the most efficient in the world ensure even firing of all bricks thus eliminating rejects. The kilns use gasoline, Mazut , gas and most other commercially available fuels.

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    pls. send me estimate of brick making plant
    I want to built plant in India

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    Wow excellent we need this machine so please let me know the total price. so we will be pleasure. regards. Nahid hasan.

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    Gosh….. what annoyingly perky music.


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    Very impressive i used to make fucking Clay bricks at home by hand I Hated very much –i Always used to dream to make it in automated way not by human

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    ugh. When he starts taking off his uniform. he’s so sexy.

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    classic song

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    one of the best versions of this song

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    on Halloween I’m dressing like one of the school children with the mask

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    GoodBye Cruek Wirkd…

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    @JediPimpMaster12 Roger’s definitely singing with a massive choir behind him. The dictatorial rants from the megaphone, however, are not being sung live. These were taken straight from the 1979 album and are being lip synced.

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    its einz zwei drei, hammer !

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    this isint really roger waters singing is it?

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    haha this is AWSOME!!!!

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    @mitchmcmichael ‘
    simply because the title is “Waiting for the Worms/Stop” and not “Waiting for the Worms” so the search engine doesn’t pop it up when somebody searches “Waiting for the Worms”

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    You deciphered the lyrics at 1:35? Holy crap!!! This is one of my favorite songs off the album.

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    How does this not have more views?

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    first? awsome piece