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25 Nov 11 CancerTruth Exposure V-LOG #2 Part 1

Steve Johnson discusses the Heart Disease Epidemic and Swine Flu outbreak with Cancer Researcher Ty Bollinger, along with the latest cancer research breakthroughs and therapies to have been discovered lately. Has NOBODY noticed recently the numbers of bizarre and rare type cancers and blood disorders currently around the world? There is definitely a global de-population agenda at play here. We are all currently victims of an insidious plot to reduce global numbers by de-sterilization and the breaking down of our DNA by use of: BPA plastics products Microwave Ovens Cell Phone + Cordless phone microwave radiation Chemicals in our foods and water including 961, 621 202, Sodium Sacharrine, Sodium Flouride, Sodium Benzoate, Aspartame and other variants. All of these things are making the human race very very sick. Cancer Exposure #2 is a Video LOG series with UPDATES about cancer research and details about the latest information in breakthrough treatments and therapies. Listen in as Ty Bollinger and Steve Johnson discuss some of the latest findings and updates in the cancer research field. This edition covers Heart Disease and Cholesterol, the facts about the Swine Flu fraud, and more recent information about eggplant treatment for skin cancer. Its all here in this video. Please subscribe to be kept up to date. Science & Technology Heart Disease Cholesterol Swine Flu fraud Cancer cancer research Ty Bollinger alternative cancer therapies latest cancer information breakthroughs
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    George Harrison died of cancer: the chronic metabolic disease that has metastasized into the biggest hoax ever perpetrated upon the people of Earth, surpassing the carnage of war, earthquakes & car crashes.

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    Pancreatic enzyme supplements are recommended when treating cancer with vitamin B17, as well as avoiding red meat, tomatoes and sugar. Cancer is of little concern to the Vietnamese who smoke unfiltered cigarettes and eat cyanide-rich bamboo and millet daily. Additionally, cancer afflicted a mere 3% of Americans in the 1900’s as folks back then ate fresh greens daily without regard to their pancreatic health.

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    This needs more exposure!!! Dammit ppl stop sleeping and start paying attention >(

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    thats far from whats really going on in this world specially in america, did u know that they put female hormones in cows, yes female hormones thats what i said, they put stuff in food to make girls reach sexual maturity very early, at the age of 13 already dating, cops aren’t their to stop crime but to spy on pple, so many things u should reasearch urself

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