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20 Nov 11 Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor – LIVE !!!

Cascada (aka Natalie Horler) performing Evacuate The Dancefloor live – 12 September 2009
Video Rating: 4 / 5

The best of Dutch hockey international Teun de Nooijer
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    This chick is devilishly HOT!!!!!!!

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    @Estonian4life DO YOU SEE HER DANCING? They can’t expect her to sound like the actual track, she dancing to hard.

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    @vicnic90 This is HIGH energy Euro Pop – the main idea is the audience to go crazy! The only way that can be achieved is if the performer’s moving constantly on the stage, which can be achieved by Lip syncing. However, the audience is there to listen to Dance/Club music and dance – not to admire the octaves of the singer!

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    You buy a ticket to see your favorite preformers sing not lip sing to thier songs. You want to her hear them not thier records. Why spend 50 bucks or more on a ticket when you could get on youtube and watch them dance for free. Save you gas, money, and the annoyance of going to a concert. They really shouldn’t do that.

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    She lipsyncs because she has many other concerts to do & she always has to sing her songs she’s currently writing. She really does sing some at certain concerts though!

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    @ionlyloveyou2 you don’t know anything about europe????

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    I’ve been to cascada concerts, and she doesn’t lip sync at the concerts. I don’t know if she does for tv performances, or if they dub it later, or what. But acoustically, and at her own concerts, it’s amazing live.

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    Sorry i know its one year old comment but i have to react.I vould be pretty pissed if i go to concert of my favorite band and they dont play live that totaly not go together.I dont wanna talk about money u pay to get there.Unfortunately, it tolerates in some genres more, BUT that doesnt mean its ok,You are a singer, living by singing than sing.

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    Im from norway… Norway is in europe. Playback is weak and it sucks.

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    i prefer playback because it sounds better,cleaner..i honestly dont care if she is singing or not whats important is that shes there,having her fans see her and enjoy so it doesnt really matter [=

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    i think playback is a good tool used by many artists wen in concert because too sound that good while dancing is nearly im posible because figure this wen ur working out or doing physical exurtions u tend to become out of breath and wen singing u need alot of breath ok take it from someone who is a gymnast dancer and singer

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    @ionlyloveyou2 Demi Lovato can almost sound perfect when she sings live :)

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    Eauropean music is the best shit E V E R! And i love that they don’t make lipsynching such a B I G deal, not like Americans!

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    U_u PLAYBACKK :(

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    She can sing yes but she always lip syncs

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    There can be many reasons why she was doing playback, but I’ve heard her live and she CAN sing… for 4 hours straight!

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    brittany can not sing as good as nat!

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    @JamieTransNyc actually, nowadays she’s way a better performer.

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    @JamieTransNyc Not even a bit.. I’m a britney fan and I love cascada, she’s not a brit wannabe, she’s got her original performances

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    Brittney wannabe.

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    natalie in cowboy boots = sexy

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    Even though she lip syncs in this performance, there’s still a big difference between her and say Ashley Simpson (lol) she actually can sing but to sing and dance like that is extremely difficult. You can even seen MJ in some of his older performances lip syncing but he put on one hell of a show and his dancing is legendary.

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    @yaizaxUUU Tell to Justin Bieber

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    i wish she did the kinect dance moves

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    Teun de Nooijer is similar to Ronaldinho and cruijff, especially cruijff.
    both 2 players with an incredible technique and above all a brilliant insight into the game
    srry for comparing hockeyers and soccer-players
    but i think cruijff is the only one with whom you can compare teun de nooijer

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    @jdvanwalsum thank you cause i am a hockeyer in holland:)

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    de nooijer wordt kaal ole ole

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    great video, and music,but the player is better

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    LoVe the Music and teun de Nooijer is just great!!!!

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    2:40 baseball?

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    no no, jamie dwyer easy!

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    Holland ftw..
    De Nooijer FTW!

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    The best EVER centre field player in the world was Rick Charleworth

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    I think, that not only Dutch players are the best.
    some german players are also really really good.

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    Taekama, Vogels and de Nooijer, 3 of the best in the world. de Nooijer’s shoes will be hard to fill.

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    Teun de Nooijer is the best!!

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    hockey met een stokkie

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    holland is the best hockey land!!!! 😛

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    holland best hockey land?

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    nobody was ever able to control a hockey game in midfield like that man was able to do it

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    yep, one of the best playmakers!

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    oh yea hes not to bad i guess.. baha hes fuckin insane

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    To bad this is your last olympic tournament Teun, you were the best!!!

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    you said it there

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    what is the name of this song?
    teun de nooijer is amazing, most certainly one of the best ever to grace the game.

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    the best of the dutch is the best of the world :)

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    This guy is the Bradman of hockey!
    Who saw his goal against Spain in the champions trophy?
    That was brutally outstanding, simply great!
    Long live de Nooijer!!!

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    dit is echt een van de allerbeste spelers ter wereld aller tijden.