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20 Nov 11 Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor [Lyrics]

The new single of Cascada, Evacuate The Dancefloor. I love so much this song! Enjoy it (:

Compilation of some greats movies, all made by joga bonito. The first song played is : Sergio Mendes feat. Black eyed Peace – Mas Que Nada
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Reader's Comments

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    .. so I think she´s singing “Hey Doctor DJ” … 😀

  2. |

    @yazmeen017 @thelynn02 no her lyrics are right(:

  3. |

    Good job! Oh and btw its im effected by sound!!! 😉

  4. |

    Hey great vid enjoyed

  5. |


  6. |

    its hey doctor dj not hey MISTER

  7. |

    Deutsche Marken ware ! xD

  8. |

    I mean dance central the video game

  9. |

    My cousin in Mexico has a xbox 360 game called dance evolution and it had that song . We played it with the kinnect.

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    My friend and I are dancing to this song for the mock rock (it’s kinda like a talent show but you can only lip sing to whatever your doing) and it is so awesome! We love this song

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    And the translation in German from “’cause it’s pulling you in” is like:

    “‘Ursache es ist ziehen dir in” xD Great one :)

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    whats the font name? please reply~

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    @skydivermb1 I though it was eminem…..

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    @skydivermb1 sooooo true

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    @patFpeteOandyBjoe 1st guy is marco dePonla and 2nd is pitbull

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    summertime song!

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    Sorry maar ik heb geen zin om in het Engels te typen dus ik hou van dit lied en van cascada maar wie nou niet eigenlijk maar kantig kijk

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    the best song ever

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    oh yeah and who are the other guys? the 2nd one sounds like pitbull :)

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    i HAAAATTTEEE (canNOT stress this word enough) her other stuff but this ONE song is good cuz its different and not just a techno beat and BLAAAAAAAA;ELKNDSNLVKADJ. 😐

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    luv ittt!!!!

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    I LOVE IT !!!!

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    great song 😀 awesome video!

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    mister = docter

  26. |

    Oh, those were the days.

  27. |

    Back when Brazil was the best.

  28. |

    nice skills

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    oh sorry 1:50

  30. |

    3:50 coach got powned

  31. |

    I realised that this is Cantona just few months ago 😀

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    yo noce por que hay unas persona que no le gusta esto son envidiosas este video es geniall..!!

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    i love football

  34. |

    4:02 song?!?!!

  35. |


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    Is that second song Napoleon Dynamite!? haha but yeah Joga Bonito is the best!

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    muy buen video yo no soy brasileño pero como dice @pinql para mi el mejor futbol es el de brasil tiene muchos joga bonito y jugadores muy talentosos me gusta el joga bonito

  38. |

    @pinql Mira te digo algo, yo soy argentino, y a mi me gusta mucho el futbol brasileño y mas que nada los jugadores, por su buen estilo de juego y la tecnica. No les tengo envidia, pero parece que vos si a nosotros, ya que a los primeros que saltas a decir que los que no les gusta el video son argentinos, sera porque no nos ganan mas? xD

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    I like this cause its all real no CGI like others

  40. |

    Ronaldinho WAS better than Messi..

  41. |

    estos videos me recuerdan la secundariaaa
    a ti no??? xD hahaha

  42. |

    Ronaldo era foda demais

  43. |

    355 people don’t know what joga bonito means

  44. |

    for me yogaa 😀

  45. |

    Who for Barça’s paw upwards!

  46. |

    355 dislikes nice try cristiano

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    FAT RONALDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. |

    ronaldinho and ronaldo is legends ..

  49. |

    @BrovTKD Ronaldinho é melhor q o Robinho hj viu

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    Lo Maravilloso que juega Ronaldinho Gaúcho, es y seguirá siendo el Mejor jugador del mundo por que lo ah demostrado, lo lleva en la sangre, en la cabeza y sobre todo en su corazón…