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20 Nov 11 Cascada UNPLUGGED – Evacuate the Dancefloor -LIVE-

ARD Morgenmagazin – World-premiere of the No1 Hit-Single from the United Kingdom Cascada Evacuate the Dancefloor – LIVE-
Video Rating: 4 / 5

North Sea Jazz

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Reader's Comments

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    Well then tell her!
    She terms herself as British,its her right coz her parents are British,just because you born overhere doesn´t make you automatically German but Natalie had the option to choose and she choose the British nationality.
    Don´t get confused Cascada is German, Nat is not.
    And about lookin´ British, yes she looks indeed British and you can look like one or the other thats a fact,still a very beautiful woman.

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    @shacks29 Natalie is German, not British. And you can’t really look like one or the other >.>

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    @PartyApe101 Thats because she is german :-)

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    her voice is amazing.

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    She speaks german…so hot

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    @juanbri103286 It’s German :-)

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    What language is that

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    Cascada is German coz its a German based band but if you meant Natalie Horler I agree she is British and looks 100 % British 😉

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    why is every song better when its acoustic

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    wow super stimme live !

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    wow she has a awesome voice!^-^

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    Wow, what a voice!.!!! Wow

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    whoa, runs!!!!

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    BITTE ein Unplugged Album *.* ich werds mir kaufen!

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    thumbs up if you’re INFECTED BY THE SOUND when you’re F’D UPPP


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    she is so good!

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    @TurkishIQis90 Its only your unmoralic opinion….

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    germans and brits look totally different

    you’re just ignorant

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    @TurkishIQis90 it is a cliche that all germans are ignorant-.- It is my opinion cause she has british and german nationality….you should know it…I saw you life in Germany too….
    You can´t say that she IS british solely because she looks british because there a for example german looking people who are british too…..its the same like I would say all black people are from africa LOL
    Discussion is over-.-

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    she looks british

    small head, small face, low cheek bones, no lips, etc…

    this are british features

    germans look more european

    she isn’t german because she has british blood

    germans are very ignorant in that point

    they think a nigger who is born in germany is automatically an ethnic german

    this is so dumb hahaha

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    @TurkishIQis90 when sie lifes in the state of germany she is automatic half german>.< you have to accept that;) Also she looks german and american too in my opinion!!

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    her parents are english

    she is ethnically english

    not german!

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    @TurkishIQis90 Yey her parents are english right and she lifes in germany so she is half way english and half way german>.<

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    @noelrocks4eva people compare her with miley?..they shouldn’t..i mean both of them are amazing:x..i love miley cyrus..she’s my favorite singer..but i like cascada also..and now more after i saw how amazing is she…but Miley is really good too..but they have different voices and you can’t compare them;;);)

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    her parents are english and not german

    she’s ethnically english

    not german

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    Again and again… I wish fucking rap never existed, low brain “singers” ruin a piece of art with garbage that “music” (if someone can call it that shit music)

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    I prefer the original as well!!! It is faaaaar better!

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    I like the original version of this song instead. The dude singing makes sound like a poor version of rap music. No good, in my opinion!

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