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24 Sep 15 Flama Indoor Barbecue


Flama Indoor Barbecue has a large cooking surface with 2 grilling positions, metallic tray and plastic base.

You also get a removable grease plate for easy cleaning and safety micro switch system. Flama.


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11 Sep 15 Cement tile in modern interpretation


clé introduces Cement tile, their modern interpretation of a century old tile legacy. Deborah Osburn, founder and creative director of clé has reimagined the hand crafted tile with an extensive collection of over 150 new patterns and shapes, created with 50 silky matte colors. Cement tile has been used throughout the world for over 100 years, recognized for its artistic heritage, durability, and natural materials.


Unlike glazed and fired ceramic, cement tile is is produced by layering concrete and cement into a steel frame. The pigmented cement is poured into brass molds, pressed and cured. Each tile is made individually, one at a time. Cement tiles at clé are available in squares, subway, hex, diamond, scallops and arabesques. There is a palette of 50 colors to choose from, producing endless options for customization. The clé Cement patterns range from Traditional and Classic to a bold Geo. New West patterns are influenced by traditional Native American designs. Shapes, colors and designs can be combined to create unlimited variegated and patchwork patterns.


Deborah Osburn feels that cement tile reflects our fascination with the beauty and resiliency of the hand crafted. Everything about cement is relevant to today’s design sensibilities. It’s rare to find a tile with this much versatility and with this degree of flexibility. But perhaps the single most significant item of interest to me about cement tiles is that even though they are growing in popularity at this moment in time, cement tiles have been a classic tile feature in other countries for over 100 years. That’s a long time to study the capabilities from both the design and the functional perspectives of a surface. If you’ve ever traveled abroad the chances are good that cement tiles have been a part of your favorite architectural setting.


Cement tiles from clé arrive hand polished and presealed. Osburn has recalibrated the thickness, offering a more slender 3/8″ thick tile, which enables a cleaner edge for wall installations, allows for greater alignment with adjacent flooring surfaces, and decreases the weight of the tile. The tiles can be installed indoors and out, on floors and walls.


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08 Sep 15 New Ravenna Parterre Collection


New Ravenna is pleased to introduce the Parterre Collection designed by Sara Baldwin and Paul Schatz. The 18 designs in this collection are hand crafted in natural stone, Serenity glass, shell, ceramic, and aluminum and are available in different material combinations.


In Renaissance Europe, a formal garden was known as a parterre, an elegant planting of scented herbs and perennial borders, edged with gravel pathways. This historic landscaping inspired the Parterre Collection with designs that evoke the royal gardens at Versailles and Kensington Palace. Arabesque, geometric, and floral patterns are defined with hand cut mosaic, shell, and aluminum.

Baldwin says, The parterre gardens were beloved for their charm and symmetrical grace. Each one became an oasis of tranquility and scented beauty. While designing this collection, Paul and I combined materials to replicate the organic texture of the gardens which were a medley of earth, foliage, masonry and pebbles.


Every mosaic in the Parterre Collection is hand crafted by artisans on the Eastern Shore and customized to fit each installation. The mosaics can be installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, indoors and out. New Ravenna. Previously, Cement tile in modern interpretation.


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03 Aug 15 Fisher & Paykel ActiveSmart 36″ French Door Refrigerator


Introducing the next generation in Fisher & Paykel refrigeration. With new flush-fit design and the ability to easily slide into existing kitchen spaces or be integrated behind kitchen cabinetry, these family-size refrigerators offer a seamless look to the kitchen while providing excellent food care with ActiveSmart technology.

ActiveSmart consists of a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts. The microprocessor controls how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of use. The sensors continuously send information to the microprocessor, which analyses and adjusts the fan speed and compressor operations accordingly to deliver a consistent and stable temperature. Continuous feedback means that ActiveSmart adjusts to the way you live. Its ability to respond to daily use means that it only uses the energy needed to keep your food fresher for longer.

Contemporary kitchens are living spaces. Part of this evolution is increasingly refined design, flush fit cabinetry and appliances that enhance ergonomics as well as provide options to either showcase through crisp stainless steel or combine through custom panel finishes. Our built-in series is designed to be seamless.

The Humidity Control System, together with the cool and consistent temperature delivered by ActiveSmart Technology, creates the perfect microclimate for your produce.

Sensors constantly record changes to fridge and freezer compartments, including when the doors are opened and when new items are introduced, ensuring temperature in each compartment is kept constant.

Independent variable-speed fans control airflow through multiple air ducts to all compartment as well as rapid chill and freezing to ensure food safety and maintain food quality. Fisher & Paykel.


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10 Jul 15 New Ravenna Shades of Gray mosaic


New Ravenna is pleased to present a collection of mosaics in shades of gray designed by Sara Baldwin. All hand crafted, the mosaics made from natural stone display an array of different hues, from the deep charcoal Greystoke in Chevron, Hex and Penny Rounds to the warm Angora and Cashmere found in Kasbah.


The cooler blue spectrum of gray is represented by Ombre Chevron with Lavastone, Zircon, and Alabaster jewel glass. Kelp Forest is created in Alabaster jewel glass, its undulating design defined by the gray grout which outlines each blade. Balsato Orvieto is a stone from Italy flecked with mini-geodes of quartz. Each mosaic is assembled by hand, one piece at a time. The mosaics are either custom made for each installation, or they are part of the Studio Line, which is ready to ship within 48 hours of ordering. See also Sea Glass mosaic tile and Tile Envy Edited by Deborah Osburn.


According to Sara Baldwin, New Ravenna founder and creative director, gray is one of the most fascinating colors in nature’s spectrum. She says, “in the materials we use, gray is never a single note. Our natural stone and jewel glass ripple with striated color variations, creating an elegant vitality. In a design like Kasbah we have used only two different stones and yet the mosaic contains an entire spectrum of hues. It is this neutral medley that imbues gray with sophistication.


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08 Jul 15 Nardi built-in oven


This sleek multifunction digital oven from Nardi, the FEX 47T features 10 preset cooking programs, 10 main functions and can prepare many dishes to satisfy every taste.

Comes with child lock, triple glazed door, telescopic guides, extra large cooking cavity. Nardi.


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09 Jun 15 Fagor pressure cooker


Fagor premium pressure cooker is the electric pressure cooker that offers the capability to not only pressure cook and rice cook delicious meals, but it can also simmer, sauté, steam and brown foods in this all-in-one cooking vessel.


Available in 6 quart and 8 quart capacities, this pressure cooker prepares your meals to perfection with just a touch of buttons, and has breakfast, lunch and dinner ready in up to 70% less time than traditional cooking methods. The cooker will be sure to be a staple in any kitchen space.

Panel has preprogrammed functions with recommended preset timings that can be easily adjusted. Pressure Cooker high and low, Rice Cooker with White Rice, Brown Rice and Risotto options, and additional cooking assist function with Simmer, Sauté, Steam and Brown.

The premium pressure cooker from Fagor also features the 4-digit LED screen with soft-touch control panel with added plus and minus button as well as high and low pressure signals that will go solid and beep to inform the user that pressure has been reached. Other attributes are,
– pressure cook time up to 99 minutes
– keep warm up to 12 hours
– time delay up to 6 hours
– self-locking lid that will not open when pressure is inside the cooker
– automatic pressure release setting regulates the pressure inside the cooker
– anti-overheating system for a safe and user friendly pressure cooker
– removable cooking pot that is dishwasher safe


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14 May 15 Kitchen island with aquarium


Designed by Robert Kolenik of Eco Chic Design, this kitchen island contains real aquarium. The Dutch designer is known for his distinct and recognizable Kolenik style, that appeals to a wide international audience.

It is best described as minimalist and warm, carefully marrying functionality and aesthetics to create harmony and balance. Kolenik hotel and villa designs exude an inviting quality of peace and tranquillity, while restaurants and other hospitality designs are more daring, aiming to fascinate and excite their guests.

The use of materials like luxurious natural stone and even living nature add interest to their spaces and are the hallmark of Robert’s style. Each and every Kolenik design is unique, from the made to measure furniture to the most minute, beautiful details and innovative solutions. The name Eco Chic Design deliberately reflects his passion for nature.


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12 May 15 Bompani range cooker


The stylish Bompani range cooker in antique red with brushed stainless back splash features 5 gas burners with safety valves including a powerful triple crown wok.

The energy ‘A’ rated Bompani range cooker comes with the touch ignition, cast iron grates, 105-liter electric oven with 7 programs, interior light and programmable analog clock. Bompani.


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03 Apr 15 AEG Magia Espresso machine


The new AEG Magia Espresso machine delivers strong and delicious coffee in compact form. This stylish espresso machine means you can create barista style coffee in the comfort of your own home. Plus, if you need a quick cup for those early mornings, this machine gives you three coffee choices and two temperature settings, plus quickly delivers your morning pick me up without compromising on quality.

The Magia uses the Lavazza A Modo A Mio capsules, the No.1 coffee in Italy, for that authentic Italian coffee shop taste. Available in 3 stunning colours, whether you would like to add a pop of colour to your kitchen or complement your existing cabinetry, there is an AEG Magia perfectly suited for every kitchen.

AEG Magia Espresso Machine features 9 minute auto shut off function, Thermoblock Technology for optimum coffee temperature, dishwasher proof stainless steel drip tray and capsule compartments, one litre water tank, 10 capacity used capsule holder, 3 coffee recipes including espresso, espresso lungo and caffe crema, Favourite cup program, 15-bar pump pressure, height adjustable drip tray for different cup sizes and 2 different coffee temperature settings. Price is £130. Comes in Ebony Black, Rubin Red and Latte Cream.


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