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24 Oct 11 The last of it! (7/25/07) part 3

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24 Oct 11 EDCO Waste & Recycling–M331–part 1

This is a mega-series that I will be posting over a period of time from my adventures (back in November) in my favorite rural area, the location of the MONDAY series!! First truck that you’ll see is the infamous M331! Please enjoy and comment/rate/favorite each video!!
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Here we have a short compilation of a Heil Retriever MSL doing public bins in downtown San Francisco. Some pics included, see more at:

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23 Oct 11 Veolia’s Little Compaction Systems RL (Close-Up)

A closer shot of two 240L’s getting dumped and also another pack cycle…
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23 Oct 11 Holroyd Recycling

This is my 300th video, and the featured truck is also the first Richards side loader to make its way onto YouTube. This one was built by JJ Richards; one of their massive recycling models… At the time of video these trucks were still quite new, having just replaced the old split trucks that used to collect the recycling in Holroyd. Then they decided to turn to a new commingled recycling service which is where two of these trucks were prepared and sent down to Sydney. This was the first time I got to see one of these trucks in action, and they seem to run pretty well. I’m sure a lot of you will now recognise the famous Iveco Acco… it doesn’t have the new cab, but it’s still equipped with the new Cummins engine. I hope you enjoy the footage, please rate and comment. If you haven’t already, check out the short video of the garbage collection and the other shorter recycling video. I also have some better quality Holroyd footage uploaded which you may like to check out. Body Make: JJR Engineering Model: 35m Side Loader (Recycle Body) Chassis: Iveco Acco Council: Holroyd City Contractor: JJ Richards & Sons Collection Type: Commingled Recycling

You have a ribbed 19 cubic metre body, a full-length comb lifter on the back, a heavy duty drum winch and one of Superior Pak’s destructive compactors… what do you get? A truck that’s ready to hammer any commercial and industrial route… The Superior Pak (ex- Compaction Systems) Maxi Pak is available in 15, 17, 19, 21 and 25 cubic metre models. This body can be found on a heavy C&I route or in the dense residential streets of Australia. With its speedy container handling mechanisms, large hopper capacity, rigid body designs and of course the powerful compactor, the Maxi Pak will finish any job it is given, whether heavy duty applications such as council clean-ups and bulk bin collections or light duty work such as public litter bin collections. Hope you enjoy the video and pictures, all ratings and comments are highly appreciated. I also threw in some pictures of the previous smaller bodied rear loaders Compaction Systems used to produce.

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22 Oct 11 7/30/08 part 1

For the third week in a row, the regular Wednesday vids have to be delayed due to the poster being very busy 😐 I recently returned from a trip to Catalina Island, and before I left I was able to edit the videos, however I had no time to post them until now. Last week I decided to start off in another neighborhood the drivers do just before mine, so there are some more videos than normal this time. Enjoy the once-again late videos from this past Wednesday! ALSO, I will let you know now that the next videos will be, you guessed it, late. This is because they will act as the “Wednesday” videos for the “Week of Footage” Mega-Series I have coming up in which I get videos of trash trucks at different places for every day. That Wed. video will also mark the end of the Summer Series.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Oct 11 Superior Pak Pegasus (Body Action)

Thanks to the driver for doing this, shows the body raising and lowering. It’s very hard to find hoist model front loaders…


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20 Oct 11 Challenge. Create. Change. TRASH DOCUMENTARY

Finally finished! Worked on this for 3 days. My entry is about what garbage can do to our enviroment we live in. I wish everyone goodluck on the challenge! Music is originally made by me. “Conflict”

Here is URM’s big Pittwater side loader collecting the paper from some units in Mona Vale during the 08/09 Christmas holidays. Initially, I thought this was an early MJ recycle side loader, but upon close inspection it turns out that this truck has a DART body on the back, just with the dividing walls and inner tailgate removed. Knowing this I now get the idea that this truck was bought off a Sydney council where split bins were previously used. The chassis is an old International and it has got a nice, smooth sound to the engine. You should also see the true speed of the arm attached to the side of this truck, it bloody flies! Hope you enjoy the footage, please rate and comment, thanks to the driver. Body Make: MacDonald Johnston Model: 29m MkIII SPORT : DART Body Chassis: International Acco Council: Pittwater Shire Contractor: United Resource Management (URM) Collection Type: Paper & Cardboard Recycling
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20 Oct 11 Blacktown Clean-Up

It was just good luck and good timing which brought me to this old council truck. Blacktown has an on-call service, so this was all I managed to capture as this was the only collection in the area. Hope you enjoy the footage! Body Make: Compaction Systems (now Superior Pak) Model: 19m Maxi Pak Chassis: Hino FM Council: Blacktown City Contractor: Council Works Collection Type: Clean-Up / Bulk-Waste

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19 Oct 11 City Farmer’s Dog Waste Disposal Unit

Dig a hole and use it for the disposal unit or place a plastic bin without a bottom in the hole. Run water in the hole first to make sure there is good subsoil drainage. Add septic powder once a month with a wee bit of water. This bin has worked for one small dog in Vancouver mild winter weather. (
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18 Oct 11 Ku-Ring-Gai Green Waste

One of the three MJ Recyclers collecting the green-waste from the massive 360Ls in Ku-Ring-Gai Municipal Council. Hope you enjoy this footage, please rate and comment.
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Last part of this mega-series, just shows a few shots of various trash and recycling ASLs. You’ll see an EDI RR (#58) doing trash, a quick view of the EDCO RR with recycling, and a bit of Bridgeport footage. The Bridgeport driver wasn’t very cool with the filming, and I don’t even know which material he was collecting for sure (or if he was just doing both to save time)…Anyways, thanks for watching this vid as well as this mega-series!
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