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Hugh Laurie bailando samba a ritmo de Más Que Nada. creado por invincible ram para
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The Full Movie Over Her Dead Body. Over Her Dead Body is a comedy film starring Eva Longoria Parker, Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, Jason Biggs, Lindsay Sloane, Colin Fickes and Stephen Root. Kate (Eva Longoria Parker) dies on the day of her wedding to fiancé Henry (Paul Rudd). He subsequently begins a relationship with psychic Ashley (Lake Bell) who becomes haunted by Kate trying to sabotage their relationship.

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22 Nov 11 Naruto girls- Evacuate The dance floor

Song by Cascada I had alot of pictures of Sakura, Hinata, followed by Ino there are clips of Temari and 1 or 2 of ten-ten I loved making this it was alot of fun.

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21 Nov 11 Sergio Mendes “Mas Que Nada” feat. The Black Eyed Peas

Sergio Mendes’ “Mas Que Nada” featuring the Black Eyed Peas
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Join me and the dance divas in the latest episode of Dance With me this time were doing Cascada evacuate the dancefloor, we take you through a warm up stretch workout and routine!

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21 Nov 11 clip Oficina da Capoeira – Mestre Ray -Capoeira Belo Horizo

formatura e batziado do grupo Oficina da Capoeira em Dez. 2006
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The Best Video of Ronaldo Fenomeno ! Watch !!!
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21 Nov 11 Sávio

Vídeo com alguns dos melhores momentos da carreira de Sávio.

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20 Nov 11 Cascada UNPLUGGED – Evacuate the Dancefloor -LIVE-

ARD Morgenmagazin – World-premiere of the No1 Hit-Single from the United Kingdom Cascada Evacuate the Dancefloor – LIVE-
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North Sea Jazz

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20 Nov 11 Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor [Lyrics]

The new single of Cascada, Evacuate The Dancefloor. I love so much this song! Enjoy it (:

Compilation of some greats movies, all made by joga bonito. The first song played is : Sergio Mendes feat. Black eyed Peace – Mas Que Nada
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20 Nov 11 Cascada – Evacuate The Dancefloor – LIVE !!!

Cascada (aka Natalie Horler) performing Evacuate The Dancefloor live – 12 September 2009
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The best of Dutch hockey international Teun de Nooijer
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18 Nov 11 Make a Solar Cell – TiO2/Raspberry based

In this video we show how to make a dye sensitized solar cell based on titanium dioxide and anthocyanin found in raspberries. First get some titanium dioxide (anatase structure), about 0.5g will do. Then mix it with drops of vinegar until it has the consistency of thin paint or liquid…
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18 Nov 11 Kate Nash – Foundations (lyrics)

Video clip with lyrics.
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