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18 Nov 11 Kate Nash – Foundations (Acoustic)

ummmmmm yeah
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16 Nov 11 ronaldinho freestyle

ronaldinho freestyle….a brilliant ronaldinho freestyle complilation
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15 Nov 11 Ronaldo Tribute

A tribute to the greatest to ever play the game. Can he make one more comeback?

Video I made of the lyrics to Foundations. Music is by Kate Nash and I am not claiming it as my own and is in no way an attempt at copyright infringement.

Tags: Ronaldo, Tribute

15 Nov 11 Japanese Swordsmith Matsuda Tsuguyasu Part 1

Now with Subtitles. Please click on the cc button. Matsuda Tsuguyasu, one of Japan’s foremost swordsmiths today, explains about the swordmaking process and the importance of the traditional fuigo or bellows. If you are interested in purchasing a Japanese sword from Matsuda san or any other current Japanese swordsmiths, please contact us through
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15 Nov 11 ac milan stars

a good video about ac milan
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13 Nov 11 Ruud Van Nistelrooy 2006/07 25 GOALS

All the 25 goal’s of Nistelrooy Music La Crew – Fati Murder Simplu – Mr. Originality Black Eyed Peace ft. Sergio Mendes – Mas Que Nada

Tags: 2006/07, Goals, Nistelrooy, Ruud

13 Nov 11 OG Kush + Percs

**** I’m sick and tired of stupid comments, Fuck off I will block you and delete your comments, I dont care who has better/bigger glass collections, better buds and bigger hits. I don’t care if you dislike the music**** **** I make these videos for my own entertainment, not for views or subscribers, im not trying to impress anyone or show anyone up. don’t be a fuckin hater, just enjoy the videos or go to another page.**** **** Isupport Medicinal and responsible recreational marijuana usage in adults only, children should stay in school! AGAIN IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 THESE VIDEOS ARE NOT INTEDED FOR YOU**** Hey Everyone! Just wanted to start out by saying Thank You to all of you who have subscribed, Finally hit the 1000 mark which is pretty crazy i must say, i never thought anyone would watch my videos when i started so this video is a thanks for everyone who supports the Marijuana movement. In this video I hit a few of my Perc’s, the Wicked Sands Gooseneck Tiny Tube (10 arm tree perc) and the straight tube (5 arm tree perc) and of course the Toro Fixed Stemless (6/15 tree arm perc’s), I was smoking some beautiful fully Organically Grown OG Kush and Purple Kush, which were fabulous! Anyway, Thanks for watching, enjoying, rating, commenting and subscribing! Cheers!!! Music: Song: I Need A Dollar (remix) Artist: Wax & Dumbfoundead (Check them out on Youtube and ) I do not claim rights to the music by any means, it’s strictly for the
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Playing football the celtic way

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12 Nov 11 Kate Nash – Foundations Live on Abbey Road

Download the mp3 of this performance:

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12 Nov 11 Ronaldinho Samba Skills

No Goals Just Pure Skills, passes and dribbles. Enjoy!
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Klim Efimov. Bolshoi Ballet Academy. He finished Bolshoi Ballet Academy in spring 2010. Now he is with Bolshoi Theater. I ask him to help with our rehearsal.
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12 Nov 11 Flick up moves

30 different flick up moves filmed in 2003-2004

Zurich ’91

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