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11 Nov 11 Large Solar Heater project.

This is the third solar heater I have been working on for a while. It’s made from a sliding glass door. I’m working on this for the winter months to keep the house warm. I’m currently working on the stand to hold this beast up in the back yard. I’m hoping with all 3 units my home will stay warm during the day without the help of the hvac unit during the winter.

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11 Nov 11 Refrigerant Compressor Autopsy Pt1 – Bristol and Tecumseh

Pt 1 of working through the scrap compressors I have at the moment.
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10 Nov 11 Quick Mount PV overview

All in one flashed mounting system for photovoltaic racks, Snow shields, HVAC, Satellite Disc
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10 Nov 11 Tulsa, OK – How to light a pilot light Part 1 of 3 Have an old furnace that just wont stay lit? Do you have to light it before every use? Here is a video for you. This will not only show you how to light a pilot on three styles of furnace igniters but how to do some of your own troubleshooting. We believe that you as the homowner should be informd on furnace safty when lighting a furnace pilot light. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. As we say, “Your right, your home should be more comfortable™.”
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09 Nov 11 Utilization of Radiant Energy 1901 Nikola Tesla,my setup 1

In this video I show you how to make the insulated plates that I use in the attic. This also gives you a better view than the one in the attic which is hard to see because there wasnt alot of light. I take plastic laminant and stick it to the HVAC metal and do this to both sides giving a fully insulated plate. After it is sealed, I drill a small hole in the corner and put a bolt and nut on the end which I will use to attach the wire for the antenna or to the other plates via a wire. Remember that the metal plates are out of the sun and function day and night. Though results might change when its outside, the plate charges without direct sun during the day and without the sun at night, showing other particles hitting the plate. PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT AND TRY THIS OUT FOR YOURSELF, IN ANOTHER VIDEO I SHOW THE RESULTS. THIS NEW PANEL WILL TEST IF A THIRD PANEL HELPS CHARGE THE CAPACITORS FASTER AND WITH A HIGHER VOLTAGE. THE AMOUNT OF ENERGY IS PROPORTIONAL TO THE AREA OF THE PLATES STATED IN THE PATENT. I WILL TEST THIS OVER THE WEEK AND GIVE RESULTS. CHECK BACK IF YOUR INTERESTED!!

Fred Robinson, owner of Real Deal barbershop, was a constant victim of rogue “contractors”. Nearly two years ago, on two separate occasions, Fred hired people he thought he could trust to connect the main drain in the basement and to fix the HVAC system. Now, as a result of shoddy work, his shop is literally falling apart from the floor to the ceiling, and the constant small repairs are cutting into his profits leaving him unable to make larger, costly repairs. In addition, his wife has had to come out of retirement twice to help pay the bills. The Real Deal desperately needs a real Construction Intervention to keep him a cut above the rest. Cosentino, the maker of Silestone natural quartz, joined with Construction Intervention to provide countertop surfaces, fabrication and installation with hands-on involvement from Counter Revolution for Real Deal Barbershop. Cosentino donated Stellar Marine and Mahogany for this project.

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07 Nov 11 AC Ductwork

Installing the air handler in the attic of the burnt house and then attaching the flex duct to the registers.

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05 Nov 11 How to Use Rx11-flush

This video is to show how to use Rx11-flush on a conversion from an HCFC like R-22 to a HFC like R-410A when the equipment is being changed out and only the line sets are being reused and flushed.
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04 Nov 11 TEAM Companies Data Centers

ABOUT CSS POWER – With 20+ years of experience working exclusively on mission critical power and infrastructure projects, CSS Power has become a proven Single Point of Contact for everything from equipment supply (UPS, Generators, Battery Replacements, HVAC etc.) to full data center build-outs, design-build projects, construction management and nationwide preventative maintenance and emergency service. We have completed projects in all 50 States, Canada and internationally for a wide range of clients across a number of industries including telecom, data centers, manufacturing, health care, IT, call centers and the military. TEAM COMPANIES – TEAM owns and operates data centers in Des Moines, Iowa, Cedar Falls, Iowa and Madison, Wis. All TEAM facilities are SAS 70 type II audited with 24X7 security staff monitoring the buildings. Insulated from natural disasters and terrorist threats, TEAM’s suburban locations in Upper Midwest markets offer safety and security for any organization’s mission-critical IT systems and sensitive data.
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03 Nov 11 Quiet Cool Whole House Fans Attic DIY Home Improvement

Whole house fans by Quiet Cool are a top choice if you want a quiet and high quality home cooling and ventilation system. Multi fan and multi-location systems are easy to install. Save money on your air conditioning bill. Call 877-667-4663 to order or visit
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CLICK HERE TO BUY : to Purchase Fine Shaving Products. Does your Water Heater ignitor glow, Produce Flame at Main Burner Assembly, then shut down and start the cycle over several times without staying on? If so Chances are the Flame Sensor is Covered with Oxidation or Residue . I will show you how to remove the Main Burner Assembly Sand off the residue form the Flame Sensor and Reinstall it so it will again work properly. Eliminating the TROUBLE Lights on the temperature control assembly.
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03 Nov 11 Boiler

Gas Hot Water Boiler Replacement. Chimney Vented
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