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07 Nov 11 Excel Lookup Series #1: VLOOKUP Function 1st Example

See how to use the VLOOKUP function to deliver a value to cell: 1) Find approximate value from column 2 of lookup table. 2) Find exact value from column 2 of lookup table. Use Named Range, Data Validation and VLOOKUP to make your lookup more accurate. In This Series learn 15 amazing ways to look things up in Excel. We will look at the functions VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, CHOOSE, and the non-function lookup formula using the intersector operator. We will look at simple lookups all the way to complicated, yet efficient methods to look things up in Excel. This is a logical (beginning to end) story about most of the lookup situations you may encounter in Excel. Excel Magic Trick 167p2 IF function formula: 12 Examples! Excel Magic Trick 167p1 IF function formula: 12 Examples!

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07 Nov 11 Rite in the Rain 25 meter Zeroing Target for M-16A2 / M4 / AR-15 Rifle

Fun Gun Reviews Presents: “Rite in the Rain” M-16A2/ M4 25 Meter Zeroing Targets. Used by US Military, these waterproof targets allow you to set your 300 meter Zero while shooting at 25 meters. Battleboy Surplus Rite in Rain Web Page: Battleboy Surplus 5% off discount code: “Sootch00” Battleboy’s YouTube Channel: Rite in the Rain Tactical Products: Thanks for watching~

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06 Nov 11 Secret Military Testing on Small US Town

The secret of covert military experiments against the populations of the United States, Canada, Europe as well as many developing nations is quite extensive. It ranges from releasing pathogens in the air (such as the NY Subway experiments or the Porton Down trials), to releasing substances…

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06 Nov 11 Wireless N vs Wireless G (NCIX Tech Tips #18)

This round of tech tips, #18, Linus will show you the advantages of Wireless N vs. Wireless G routers. He will do a series of speed test and range test in this episode of tech tips. Enjoy! Check out these great selection of Wreless N routers from

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06 Nov 11 What is a Surgical Technician

www.surgicaltechniciansalarydata.comprovides you with in-depth salary information. Find out surgical technician pay ranges by city, state, and industry. Read valuable articles exposing the training and skills needed to begin a career in this exciting and lucrative healthcare field.

Learn about: 1.How to Record a Macro 2.Macro = VBA code 3.Macros are great for repetitive tasks 4.What file extension to use for Excel 2007: .xlsm 5.How to show Developer Ribbon in Excel 2007 6.Relative and Absolute References in Excel Macros 7.Paste Special Values Absolute Macro 8.Paste Special Values Relative Macro 9.Learn about VBA editor window 10.View code for a Recorded Macro 11.View List of Macros 12.See the difference between Range(A1) and OFFSET(0,2) 13.Create an Income Statement Template with a Macro 14.See how to edit a Macro when you make a mistake This is a beginning to advanced Excel class taught at Highline Community College by Mike Gel excelisfun Girvin Busn 214 BTech 109
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06 Nov 11 Multivariable Calculus: Finding and Sketching the Domain

Multivariable Calculus: Finding and Sketching the Domain of a function z = f(x,y). I discuss the basic idea and do examples. For more free math videos, visit
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06 Nov 11 Vangelis – Himalaya

This is a track from Vangelis’s 1979 album, “China,” a concept album about said nation. (Interestingly, Vangelis had never visited China at the time that he wrote the album. Nevertheless, he employs various traditional Chinese instruments and compositional styles alongside his own trademark sound for the piees on the album, including this one.) The video consists of various images that I found on both Google and Wikimedia Commons of the titular mountain range, including its tallest and most famous peak, Everest Mons (which, by the way, is actually located in Nepal and not in China.)
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06 Nov 11 Celtic Woman – Orinoco Flow! Nice Group of Singers

Celtic Woman is a musical ensemble comprising six Irish female artists: vocalists Chloë Agnew, Órla Fallon, Lynn Hilary, Lisa Kelly, Alex Sharpe and fiddler Máiréad Nesbitt. The group’s repertoire ranges from traditional Celtic tunes to modern songs. To date, the group has released three…
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06 Nov 11 james douglas zeroing airgun scope

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05 Nov 11 Out on the Town: Rose Bowl Flea Market

Episode 40: Every second Sunday of the month we try to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market to get some thrifted and vintage pieces there. The prices really range from retail () to dollar piles. It’s really the luck of the draw. We take you with us on a trip there! Filmed at: 1001 Rose Bowl Dr Pasadena, CA 91103 Like us on Facebook: Photographs snapped by David Cortés: Camera equipment provided by Jon Van Jameson Studded shorts by Haus of Price Music: Field Music – Let’s Write A Book French Kicks – Said So What
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