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21 Nov 11 Pushups for People who can’t do Pushups

Here are some simple exercises you can try to help you with your pushups
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21 Nov 11 Homestead Series How To Cut And Split Firewood

Some helpful tips on fire wood. Showing how to cut firewood and the tools you will need.
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A look at the MSR MiniWorks EX ceramic water filter—for backpacking.

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21 Nov 11 GI canteen cup cooking – baking muffins for breakfast

Using rocks to buffer the heat in to a radiating force, baking bread or muffins is easy. Whether on a fire or using an alcohol stove
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A look at backpacking food for the newbee
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21 Nov 11 Police Beat Protesters at OccupyCal

Yesterday, students, professors, and other supporters of the Occupy movement gathered at UC Berekeley’s plaza to join in OccupyCal. The university had told protesters they could stay around the clock for a week, only if they didn’t pitch tents, use stoves, or any other items that might suggest people would be sleeping there. The OccupyCal group voted not to comply with the demand and continued to peacefully set up a tent site. But then police used force, to get them to go and made arrests. Callie Maidhof Occupy Cal Protester explains.
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A video of tinny cooking dinner with a Heineken pot and nion stove
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21 Nov 11 JOKHANG Tibet

Smoke from numerous sacrificial stoves fill the streets and squares of the Tibetan capital of Lhasa in the Trans-Himalayan Mountains. This City Of The Gods well deserves its lofty reputation. Its not only the political, cultural and economic centre of Tibet, it also has a religious heart. Barkhor Road is 800 metres long and encircles the Jokhang Temple, as well as nearby Tsuklakhang Square. The aroma of juniper rises from the sacrificial stoves placed along the sacred road. Traditional prayer flags billow in the breeze. Jokhang Temple has a mystic atmosphere and contains many images of daily religious life in Lhasa and was built as a shrine for a unique Buddha statue. The temple is still, more than 1300 years after its foundation, a much worshipped national sanctuary as well as a vibrant centre of Buddhism in Tibet and the revered home of the Dalai Lama.

There is a new instructional movie found at:

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20 Nov 11 Optimus 111 – optimus hiker+ : Primuskongen viser deg hvordan..

OPTIMUS 111 är en klassiker! Köket som har skött sitt jobb i 70 år. Nu är det modernisert med den prisbelönta Novabrännaren. Den robusta och kompakta lådan av stålplåt skyddar tank och brännare när köket är hopfällt.ingen modell 111 är betre enn den gamla goda med roarer burner från 60 talet
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20 Nov 11 Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan – Ashden Award winner

This video can be downloaded here: Aga Khan Planning and Building Service, Pakistan won an Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy in 2011. To find out more visit the link above, and follow us on: Facebook Twitter Blog: In North Pakistan, winters in the mountains are harsh and natural disasters are part of life. Wide-scale forest destruction causes damage from flooding and disrupts the country’s water supply because the region acts as a watershed. Over 14 years ago, the Aga Khan Planning and Building Service (AKPBS) began a concerted drive to make homes in North Pakistan warmer, and reduce the use of wood. Based on the Aga Khan’s belief that: “A proper home can bridge that terrible gap between poverty and a better future” the programme is doing just that for over 240000 people. Today over 100 ‘resource people’ work in their own villages promoting energy efficient products. A US package could include floor insulation, an efficient cook stove with a chimney to let smoke out, a water heater, and a roof hatch window that cuts out draughts and lets in light, also fresh air when needed. AKPBS trains local people as artisans and entrepreneurs and has created over 360 new jobs. Over 50000 products have been sold through word of mouth, tours and demonstration homes. Homes are warmer and families save money on fuel-wood and, by ridding their homes of smoke, they avoid respiratory problems too. And local trees and the
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20 Nov 11 GE Electric Range Large Burner Infinite Switch Replacement (part #WB24T10027)

This video shows step-by-step instructions on replacing the larger burner infinite switch on GE, Hotpoint, RCA, and Moffat electric ranges. Buy part #WB24T10027 now: Tools Needed: Phillips head screwdriver, 1/4″ nut driver
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19 Nov 11 Estufas Ñuke – el orígen ::

Explicación de la alta eficiencia de las estufas Ñuke – This video is an explanation of why Ñuke wood stoves are so energy-efficient
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The demonstration / training video of Envirofit Improved Bio-mass Cookstove (2min version) in Tamil

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