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25 Nov 11 Chris Hanson Files – Air Duct Cleaning Scams Part 2

MSNBC’s Chris Hanson uses hidden camera’s to catch a local air duct cleaning company in the action. There goal is to uncover “Bait and Switch” tactics that are giving reputable Air Duct Cleaning business’ across the united states a bad name!
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Reader's Comments

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    Lmfao he’s all smiling like “Damn this ladys dumb”. Little did he know…

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    It would be funny to see Chris go off on someone

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    these guys are pieces of fucking shit

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    @benkenser actually chris says He thought that hansen was a friend of Judy

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    Same thing goes with self employed computer programmers.

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    thats the problem with “forced hot air systems”…….give me good old radiators filled with hot water any day

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    When he first saw Chris Hansen, he was thinking “oh yea, I’m not with a 15 years old girl today, I’m completely fine”
    Who would have thought Chris Hansen also catches duct cleaning ped

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    6:05 “ok” *scared; sniffles and such*
    Wow. Pussy. He has the guts to do this, he shouldn’t have the mental age of a ten year old.

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    There is a Nation Air Duct Cleaning Association? lol

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    We should create a holiday and call it “national air duct cleaning awareness month” to promote the awareness of air duct companies who scam.

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    chris always has a folded piece of paper in his hand

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    Wow Duct Bastards to the rescue

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    ok well at least this is something as a good story wich I can agree on and the child predators but fuckin with homelesspeople is wrong or hard working trying to make some living cos they dotn have license like 600-70% of all of them there

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    He’s a fu@king fag……he has that stupid look on his face

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    Stupid bastard. I would jump him if that was my

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    excuse me sir, im talking… LMAO!

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    cold you sit down right there please

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    That guy was scared shitless when Chris Hanson brke the news to him that he was doing an investigion. Then he calls the office whoobviously tells him to try to smooth things over ith the lady. (to late assholes) !

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    DUCT MASTERS IN KENTUCKY HAS BEEN EXPOSED AS A SCAM. TPreyi on old people…..wat scum!