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19 Oct 11 City Farmer’s Dog Waste Disposal Unit

Dig a hole and use it for the disposal unit or place a plastic bin without a bottom in the hole. Run water in the hole first to make sure there is good subsoil drainage. Add septic powder once a month with a wee bit of water. This bin has worked for one small dog in Vancouver mild winter weather. (
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Reader's Comments

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    Sounds interesting. A few questions: 1) Does it work in cold weather? 2) Same question as muttonstew–does it empty as it breaks down? 3) Do you have problems with animals getting into the bin?


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    Will this fill up or does it “empty” as it breaks down? I have two dogs and am thinking of doing something like this, but need to know if this is something I’ll have to move often.

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    I hope people realize that the plastic bags that the dog poop is in are biodegradable plastic bags that are often made of starch I believe.