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I have finally taken a huge 8 min video of my garbage day. its recycling and garbage week…. the driver was really nice to me and showed me how the computer works in his truck.. the company is WSN Environmental Solutions enjoy!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

One Wednesday during January 2009, I visited the City of Botany Bay when they still had the manual recycling collections with crates. Down in Botany everything is collected weekly, with the council removing the garbage and green-waste and Veolia taking care of the recycling. The truck in this video is what I believe to be one of Veolia’s (formerly Collex) original recycling trucks, specifically designed for the collection of bottles and containers. The truck is broken into four compartments: the top is for steel cans, aluminium, cartons and plastic containers, and the bottom three compartments (from left to right) are for clear, green and brown glass. The bottles are tipped into a ‘tray’ like section which spans across the rear of the truck where all the sorting takes place. I remember a lot of these types of trucks existed when recycling was first introduced, before MRFs started to really come into fashion. I hope you enjoy the footage of this rarely seen collection, it’d be great if you rated and commented, be sure to check out the second video of this and take a look at the other Botany videos. I’d also like to give a big thanks to the hard-working guys on the back of this truck, very friendly blokes and nice to have a chat to. With what I saw, they’re a speedy team and definitely deserve a cold beer at the end of the day! Body Make: Collex (now Veolia) Model: Kerbside Bottles Sorter Chassis: Mitsubishi FUSO Fighter Council: City of Botany Bay Contractor: Veolia

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Reader's Comments

  1. |

    To wobbily

  2. |

    i love the city of ryde!!!!

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    thats cool man how do you know him>?

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    I now who the man of the truck SLO23
    his name is bill he said he used to work in warringah

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    foarte tare tot e mecanizat misto

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    nice work

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    this is like mitchs vid lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Great video ,What a driver….can’t wait to see some more action. Great work :-)@.

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    Dont sound no where as powerful as the Darebin Trucks! NICE VIDD!!!

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    Rofl your a fucking champ

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    if you wanna see fast there is a garbo doing parramatta, its a cleanaway truck no.”436″ he’s pretty quick. if you cant find himpretty much all the parra boys are fast exept some new guys. i should know i am one of ’em

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    haha yea i live in east ryde round moncrieff drive. i was lucky to get this the driver came late!! the garbage and recycling usually come round 4:30am!!!

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    hey i live in ryde
    and i love the new garbage trucks
    i live around balaclava rd and the recycling truck comes at like 5:00!!

    great vidd

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    I have no idea why i just watched an 8 minute video of a garbage truck picking up rubbish? Come Wednesday I think ill be outside following the truck and watching too lol

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    Where abouts do you work in Warringah?

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    yeh .. drives exactly same truck just different number.. lol

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    hahaha thats awesome so what do u mean your dad works like drives the truck???

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    SL029 not (SL019 – no such truck number)

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    this is funny.. hehe… my dad and uncle work there on SL019 and SL021 and im working with Veolia “COLLEX” at Warringah, he freaked wen i showed him this vid .. lol

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    Wow! That was excellent footage, especially the clip at the end with the driver. Both drivers were fast!

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    glad you both enjoyed the video!!

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    Awesome video! I grew up in North Ryde so this video has brought back lovely memories of playing in the streets. Oh and my son really enjoyed the garbage truck – just like the one that picks up grandma’s bins :-)

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    Was the recycling truck a heavy duty truck????

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    OK then

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    Nice!!! Going to the favorites! Those were pretty huge grabbers!!

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    forgot a cart at 6:05

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    @Binboy97 Yes that is a lifter on the side, but the guys never use it. I won’t be returning to Botany Bay, already videoed another of these trucks in Woollahra and that’s the last of where they are used as far as I know.

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    Is that a lifter on the side? If it is a lifter can u get a vid of them using the lifter to lift a bin?

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    Funny truck

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    Just wanted to jump in her and say Mitch, watching trashmen in your country is just crazy. Should be an Olympic sport. The guys in this video have some serious talent.

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    Excellent Video, why cant all citys be like this. You guys make it looke organized and well maintained with seperation. I am not sure if the residents are provided those recycling bins. If thats the case, every city should organize the same proceedures. Were would we be if we were all uniformed as your city program is.

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    They only worked so hard coz they knew they were on camera.

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    bijna zelfde manier als hier

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    op dze manier of bedoel je die ondergronds bakken bij de supermarkt

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    in elburg the netherlands we do it already 20 years of collection of glass en paper
    more than 80% get recyceld

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    like ballet!

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    lol at 6:28

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    why no compactor? lame.

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    Whew! That’s something else! Good job with shooting the footage!

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    Yeah, I don’t blame them (look like lots of places w/ semi-auto collection have their drivers just empty lighter bins by hand for the exact reason you stated, not just there though). Maybe you could ask them to use it for one/two bins just for the camera 😉

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    Yer I was hoping they would use the tipper for those bins towards the end, but obviously didn’t – I bet it’s because it’s a slow piece of shit. When I’m in Woollahra I’ll see if the guys can operate it (if there’s a lifter on their truck).

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    Wow, now this is awesome!! Definite favorite + feature! Didn’t realize they sorted it on the spot until seeing the video and descr.! Looks like there’s also a tipper on the side there–would love to see that in action. Can’t wait to see part 2!!!

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    ahhhhk awesome XD

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    Nope no kinda packer, only things that comes close is smashing the glass :) VES only does the paper and bottles; you know what the bottle truck is and I’m not totally sure about the paper truck – but it’s an RL, I’m sure I’ll find out when I’m in Woollahra. The council does the garbage and greens; I only saw the garbage truck that morning, but it looks like it’s JP5s for everything – also could swear I saw a brand new one!

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    nice cam clear video i wish they had this truck in qld is it just the bottels or is the truck quit ?

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    i just cant wait for penrith new service plus i have a new first gear vid

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    Rockdale council’s got new 240L’s garbage bins and they also go to the Eastern Creek UR-3R and i think they have new trucks too

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    this is one way to take your anger out but at the same time enjoying it

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    Awesome! wow never seen a truck like this before XD so do these trucks have anykind of packer? Does VES have all Botany Bay’s collections?, and if so what trucks do they use? Fantasic Work( Y )

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    the driver drives off even before the crew is done lol. great video 5 stars