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16 Nov 11 Condenser Cleaning at a school

Condenser cleaning. These units were only a little over a year old.
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DIY Homeowner Video of Trane XE80 Control board failure and replacement. Special Thanks to YouTubers hvacrepairguy mikie2501 DrZarkloff waynex2 Your Videos are Great Thanks.
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    i like

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    @danasha827 This video saved me over $400. Sears wanted to charge me $125 just to show up to my door and another $75/hr of labor cost. Thanks!!!!

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    All you whiners that are crying about do it yourselfers saving some money are idiots. I paid $65 for a guy to come out and NOT fix my unit. He pulled a sensor and cleaned it and charged me $13 for the task. I was told it would only cost $65 unless there was a part or timely repair. He pulled 2 screws and replace the part in 30 seconds. I call;ed his shop and they said they would send me the $13 back. He spend 10 minutes on my furnace and did not fix it.

    My job went to China and yours may

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    Craiwin, The first 2 comments to you were probably by someone like the professional who came to fix my furnace… I was charged but the furnace still is not fixed…

    I will send you a message about my Trane. Maybe you can help me figure out my problem.

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    don’t try and sound like an expert joe pinch penny.

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    Your video helped me to trouble shoot my own TraneXE80, thank you for the trouble of posting it two years ago. Take care!

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    Before you swap parts on this system, check and make sure the exhaust isn’t blocked and the tubing leading to the pressure switch isn’t cracked or broken. More likely, the problem is a bad pressure switch, but this needs a manometer to check. The switch is about $30 as opposed to $150 on up for a new board.
    The thermostat calls for heat, the inducer comes on, the pressure switch closes and the igniter comes on. Once the gas valve opens, the flame sensor proves the flame and holds the valve open

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    I have the same system and just about two week ago it doesn’t heat up no more. I open the cover and see no flame like yours. I replace new ignitor but still do no good. I mean the fan is blowing but no heat. I’m thinking is the controller box too. Where did you buy your replacement? I want to buy one. Thanks

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    I am no Expert! I am simply a home owner capable of doing my own repairs! Cheers my friend.

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    Yes, the leaking was due to the A/C drip pan getting plugged with crap thus not allowing the unit to drain properly. This might have been due to poor installation by the Expert Installers or from failure of the previous owner to have the unit serviced. That said the control board actually went out many years after I purchased the home and long after the water damage.

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    One of these days the so called experts are going to tell a homeowner how to fix something and they are going to hurt someone.

    Definition of expert
    ex— has been
    pert- big drip

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    looks like a little water damage on the sheat metal by the board i hope your board goes out again due to water damage then you can fix the problem that caused the failure smart guy

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    This is a Trane XE80 natural gas system.

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    That is awesome. Can you tell me if yours is heat pump cuz I have the same problem with the light flashing but mine is heat pump. Congradulation!

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    Yea that is a common problem>>> Have fun when the air flow switch goes..! Clean those burner tubes. Good job.. Every one rapes everyone.. Most homeowners will never look at the ac/ heating unit..

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    Don’t blame the guy that repaired the first problem for your board blowing; and if you do not like the price you do not have to hire the person. Pay him for the service call and send im on his way. You should watch Dr z’s video on how to treat your HVAC guy.

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    yeah well tell that to the assholes that replaced mt electronic gas valve 4 $489 and month later the control boar has issues fuckoff i can replace that try tosellme a new furnace and it was only 2003modelwtf

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    The shop that sold me the part installed the unit in the 90s. They also happen to be friends and business associates of my family for over 30 years. If I replace the unit they will get the job. They have a customer for life and they know that. Cheers!

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    those guys who sold you the board for cheap should be fired. They take our work away…

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    Glad to see you gave credit to some REALLY sharp HVAC guys. The average homeowner is clueless when it comes to diagnosing and repairing low-voltage control circuits.

    When you upgrade your thermostat, remember to give your old one to The Smithsonian. That thing is a dinosaur! Ask The Doc to recommend a good one for ya…

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    Good going.