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19 Jul 10 Copper Range Hoods – Copper Island Hoods – Custom KItchen Hoods

Rutland makes beautiful copper range hoods, kitchen range hoods and kitchen island range hoods, including Tuscan kitchen range hoods as well as fireplace hoods and billiards table hoods. All of our hoods or island hoods are custom made to your specifications. Any of our copper range hoods, decorative range hoods, island range hoods as well as kitchen hoods and kitchen range hoods can be made with any scene or design you want incorporated as a textured or hammered design. Additional information at:

Fujioh advantage Range/Cooker hoods (Made in Japan) Fuji Industrial USA, Inc. is proud to announce that the Fujioh brand is the 1st Asian Range Hood Brand in North America to be partnered with Energy Star. Behind its pleasing lines, a revolutionary Rectifier Panel and a silently powerful Turbo Fan work together to draw in cooking fumes from all directions. Tiny oil vapors are then trapped by the removable Silicon Coated Filter. Uniquely designed to work with the Silicon Coated Filter, the Oil Catch Tray collects oils and fats emitted during cooking. FUJIOH’s Rectifier Baffle Panel also acts as a fire shield in case of a cook top fire. The Rectifier Baffle Panel also helps slows the speed of the smoke thereby allowing the range hood to capture greater degree of smoke with lower CFM motors; results in lower noice levels and less energy usage. With the advancement in technology, FUJIOH Range hoods helps consumers save money on their monthly energy bill. FUJI INDUSTRIAL USA, INC. Riverview Plaza Bldg. 3, Suite 212 16300 Christensen Road; Seattle, WA 98188-3403, USA TEL: +1 206-835-9880 FAX: +1 206-835-9876 TOLL FREE: 1-888-547-9880 Email: —————————————————————— FUJIOH SINGAPORE 130 Joo Seng Road #05-05 Singapore 368357 Tel: +65 6286 3286 Fax: +65 6285 3285 Home Care +65 6286 2284 Email:

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