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25 Jul 11 Davide Swarup hang solo in Triund, India.

A hang solo at 3.200 mt, in Triund, India. The sun was heating up my hang but the location was so nice that I wanted to share anyway this video!! Love to all of you up there in the mountains with me;) Mina rakastan sinua:):)
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    Minä Tykkän tunturi

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    anyone else noticed that the first dog seems to vanish? it is coloured just as the background is

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    Hi Davide, me n my wife met you at Amsterdam…. near to the Damn Square… Man you are a phenomenon !!! u bring out so much of emotion out of a person… Guess Hang is an instrument from the God. !

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    Actually Davide,I would like to invite you to my mothers village that her parents were married…A place not so high,but twice beautiful,no offence…Hang from you some Greek old drums with a bass sound,and some guitar while we are going to enjoy the mountains all around and a river to run at 500m. down of us while we are sitting in a cliff like this…Thanks once more Davide for your incredible work you did for OUR HEARS AND SOULS…Nothing more..Just thank you!

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    bella davide davvero grandioso!

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    Ihanaa!!! Wonderful!

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    Heavenly….yes your music, as well as the mother nature!

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    I ll be there too!!!
    Do you know the dates??

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    Verry good trype, support and regards.

    “Voyager c’est vivre, apprendre le monde. Quand j’aurai appris, je pourrai mourrir tranquille.”
    (Charlotte Pioch)

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    Verry good trype, support your music.

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    Obrigado … obrigado … obrigado …

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    even the dogs are drawn to the sweet sound of the hang and davide

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    hey davide,, you did make it up there !! YES- wish i could have made it myself before i had to leave you guys … wonderful ! love to S too and zorba if you still with him. XXX :)

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    and I though if I played with hang in the highest place – skolio 2912 at olympus. it shows up that you played 300 meters higher :)

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    man no words… magic flowing in the air… i´m going to india next year to Injuco! hope meet you there and know you davide! great journey man, see you as a mirror for me! all the best always always… no more words… keep the energy high as you know!! big hug!

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    what to say?
    Thank you for your love back:):)

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    Thank you bello!:):)

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    I finally had a chance to play a Hang Drum, on the 4th of july. What a unique and awesome instument… LOVE IT.

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    davide, our hang-yogi :o)
    just wanting to let you know that I care and that the vibrations you send to the universe through your sensitive playing of the hang are truly healing and nourishing …

    much love and blessings

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    Awesome, simple Awesome

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    Beautiful. :)

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    for sure a great moment in your life!
    like your vibes!!


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    Awesome Davide, beautifull setting and pure soundz!!

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    excellent as ever