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22 Jul 10 DIY: Make your own Air Conditioner

Step by step instructions on how to make an air conditioner using parts that cost less than .
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Installation of an Air Conditioning System ductless minisplit ductless mini split like mitsubishi sanyo To Order Unit go to :
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    that a good idea for medical pot growers with high temps,an high elec. bills….

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    great way to impress the ladie’s….
    i’ll just join the 21st century & turn on my central air.

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    @1Fom ur tacky for being cheap an watching the video..yes i watched it but i dont mind being tacky an cheap!

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    that looks so tacky

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    I wonder how long will the ice last?

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    Soak a bed sheet and hang it under your ceiling fan. That’s what I do. It works.

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    then all you need to do…

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    Or… yo could take your $40 and buy a used a/c off of Craigslist.

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    @alexzracer2008 Yeah it works I made one myself with a bigger fan though.

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    Does this shit even work?

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    @MugenRenegade look for the fish aquarium parts. you can get a small cheap pump that’s made for fish tanks.

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    @iwishtobesexy Yeah, but they’re expensive, so it’s make do with what you got.

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    dumbest thing i ever seen

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    Wow stone-age technology!

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    @RetardadoPendejo on tshirt,,,safer…lol

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    @DarkNemesis25 yeh i gathered that but in an AC unit its state change from liquid to vapour and vice versa, not solid to liquid, and its always constant, in this the pressure isnt low enough with the temperature to change that water back into ice that quickly so does it just constantly have liquid running through the tubes then? if so it cant actually remove any heat can it? it would just have a chill factor on the ambient air?

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    @jaycore21 No not the pump, I know about that. I mean water getting into the fan motor and shorting that out. Don’t tell me that’s an underwater fan! — Really!

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    @iwishtobesexy when the ice water is sent through the copper tubing, the open air at the back and infront of the fan is transfering heat to the copper pipe ( copper being a vary thermal conductive material ) then the warmer water goes form the fan back to the ice water and starts again. this proces removes the heat fomr the air and blow cold air through the fan whiel transfering the heat to the ice water, thus melting the water

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    @RetardadoPendejo mejor pontela en el culo y vas a ver que te enfria mas chingon jajajaja

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    not sure how this works really, as air conditioning is about the removal of heat, not cooling something down aswell as state change withn the system, that water isnt turning to vapour at any point is it? and its thermal properties wont be as good as refrigerants?
    my point is, you get what you pay for.

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    Can you put a link to the pump because I cant find it at the wallmart site.

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    I didn’t have any windows in my office to put in a window unit, so I made this, it works!

    I used the round fan and would recommend 10 or more feet of copper wiring. Also you might need some other size tubing and small clamps to connect your copper wiring to the pump, I purchased a 77 gph pond pump. I wouldn’t go too big on the pump size or else it will heat up your box faster.

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    I was thinking the same thing hah…

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    this units are design with a proper charge for 15′ length of tubing. this guy is doin it right coiling the copper behind the condenser if tey are as close together, cause if you cut the pipe you will need to adjust the charge and that takes some more knowledge to do that. their charge is critical on winter. the only thing he did wrong was not to pull a vacumm and the way he conect the flares with one wrench only. but besides that i will rate this guy an 8.

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    never use teflon tape or any pipe dope on a flare fitting!!!! ever!!!

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    I noticed that teflon tape is not used on the hose connectors. Is this important? BTW great video!

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    You want the oil to return to the compressor, not be trapped in the pipework. No mini split system should have oil traps.

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    I agree ..#!&*% the vac!! but the video is a bit choppy between 5:50 to 6:00, precisely where essential air purging/evacuation procedure should be;…btw, heads up on leakage immediately after opening 2 way valve; other than that, the video is quite helpful, all the way thru’… brand new LG Mini (purchased yesterday) is now working PERFECTLY thanks to this 7 minute video,..NO PROBLEMO! .it’s 121+degrees outside, 77 degrees inside whew!!! Kudos from scorching hot Southern California/.

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    Fuck the vac just purge the system ! oh the enviroment? when they stop drilling for oil and burning coal;dumping shit in the sea! fuck I,ll stop purging a bit of r22 which has 20% CFC. Get your hand off it !

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    I’ve only installed mini-splits about a half dozen times. I’ve pulled a vacuum every time, is it necessary to pull a vacuum on mini-splits? I’ve noticed that others charge less for installation so I’m assuming they’re not pulling a vacuum.

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    You posters need to work on your sentence structure.

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    he probley got it up with help from the camra man. and you do not need to vaccum pump the lines. 5:43 thats what the 4 pumps are for. to flush the lines clean. i did simular with my 2 splits and they have been prefect for a few years now.

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    How can he get up of the outside unit on it´s supports? and he did not use any vaccum pump

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    Fucking cowboys, love the way he uses all the pipe coiled up behind the condensor….AH HELLO VAC PUMP!!!

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    @ry4n0007 who cares more repair work for me :)

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    thanx alot, that would be very helpful for beginners xD

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    in my opinion rounding them is much easier and better, and in the same time u will make what we call an oil trap, because sometimes if the outdoor unit will be higher then the indoor unit the oil will go throw the pipes to the indoor unit from the compressor, so when u round the pipes the oil will be trapped in there.

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    this is very usefull specially for beginners like me!!!can some one tell me how to remove the exterior fan of the split type ac with out wasting the freon or is it the refrigerant coz i will be removing it asap..basic steps will be very much appreciated!!!tnx so much for any one who can help!!!

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    you could have cut the extra pipings not rounding them behind the o/d unit. for better perfecormance.

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    You know what’s odd? There used to be a door in the interior, but, there’s no door in the exterior takes xD

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    Not profesional !!!!

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    the refrigerant flow coils up in the a/c unit!

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    WOW! Thank you so much, the instructions were very Confusing. You made it so much easier!

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    than you for this video and explain how install a minisplit from veracruz mexico

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    You should test for leaks before letting gas into the system

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    You do NOT tighten the nuts as much as possible, as if you over-tighten them you can strip it or damage the flare.

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    your supposed to shorten the lineset if it is too long and reduce the charge applicably. its bad for refrigerant flow to coil it up and stuff it behind the condensing unit. and before opening the service valves, the lineset should be evacuated so non condensible gasses do not enter the system once the pre-charged condensing unit is opened to the rest of the system

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    the shorter the copper pipes the cooler the a/c