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19 Jul 10 Dryer not heating

How to check the airflow when your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes.
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    Overloading the dryer stops it from drying well

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    Really great video for the novice DIY’er.

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    screw the vent. mine is vented into the house to help warm it.

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    I’m lucky that my dryer vent is short. I was able to use the short pipe with vent cover attached, a 90° fixed elbow, and an elbow that I made into a 45° by turning a couple parts of it. With the short length of the vent, it barely collects lint. My old place had a long pipe going thru the crawl space. While free flowing, it collected lint, and had to be cleaned twice a year. Thankfully I’ve only had to do that twice in 8 years at my current place, due to the current setup.

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    Thanks for putting that together. Good job.

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    awesome video