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07 Nov 11 Excel Lookup Series #1: VLOOKUP Function 1st Example

See how to use the VLOOKUP function to deliver a value to cell: 1) Find approximate value from column 2 of lookup table. 2) Find exact value from column 2 of lookup table. Use Named Range, Data Validation and VLOOKUP to make your lookup more accurate. In This Series learn 15 amazing ways to look things up in Excel. We will look at the functions VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, LOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, CHOOSE, and the non-function lookup formula using the intersector operator. We will look at simple lookups all the way to complicated, yet efficient methods to look things up in Excel. This is a logical (beginning to end) story about most of the lookup situations you may encounter in Excel. Excel Magic Trick 167p2 IF function formula: 12 Examples! Excel Magic Trick 167p1 IF function formula: 12 Examples!

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    @AnnihilationXable , great! Good luck with doing EXCELlently on your exam tomorrow!!!

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    Hey, thanks so much for the tutorial, I have an Excel exam tomorrow and I don’t think my teacher did a very good job explaining this. Now I’m certain I’m gonna do better than everyone else, thanks again!!

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    hi how do i download this specific video from your site, i tried finding it, but could not get it. pls do tell

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    this guy sounds like Kyle Cease

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    I am glad it all helps!

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    You are welcome!

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    You are welcome!

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    WOW!!! I am extremely grateful to have found you! i have been searching all over for excel tutoring. you are a tremendous help and blessing. Thank you!

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    Thanks for you video; however, Can we use the vlookup to lookup at the “lookup value” that more than one cell. Such as not only one cell as “lookup value”, but many cell as “lookup value”?

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    @suruchigupta2k3 – a list of .xls files as long as your arm . Also a lot of pdf’s and ” Excel2007IsFun!.doc Book (Free book!) ” . regards

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    @suruchigupta2k3 me too can’t and also­celIsFun.htm
    this link 1 to 15

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    Y___Y, like like, very funny and useful ! Thanks !

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    You are welcome!

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    Thanks once again!

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    Hi, I Cannot find the workbook for this. Please let me know the link … Thanks!

    And thanks a lot for these videos.. they are just awesome.

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    After you create the numbers, you have to copy them, then Paste Special, Values.

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    How do you create a huge random data set? I tried using RANDBETWEEN but don’t know how to turn off the rand once I get my numbers

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    Cheers, you have just made me look very clever in my bosses eyes hehe

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    You are welcome!

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    thank you soooo much for your work in which contributes a great amount of useful excel skills to people like me. I appreciated man. thank you so much once again.

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    Here is a video:

    Excel Lookup Series #4 PART 1: VLOOKUP Function 4th Example
    Excel Lookup Series #4 PART 2: VLOOKUP Function 4th Example

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    hi. awesome videos. is it possible to use VLOOKUP for income tax calculations in Excel?