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25 Oct 11 Fallout NV Old World Blues Walkthrough Part 37: Looting Big MT West Tunnel (Let’s Play, 1080p)

Part 37: Finishing up in the Securitron DP and Looting Big MT West Tunnel (Fallout NV Gameplay) Click Here for Next Video: Welcome to my FNV: Old World Blues walkthrough in 1080p HD! For best viewing quality, click the fullscreen button in the YouTube player, then select 1080p, or “original” for even better than 1080p. I finish up looting the area around the Securitron Deconstruction Plan, finding an assault carbine atop the long catwalk pipe slightly to the east of the building. Then, I fast-travel to Big MT West Tunnel, where I hope to find more upgrades for the appliances. I pop in and find the second (and last) LAER mod called “Auxiliary Recharger Chip”. I walk around and destroy Protectrons, then I loot the first area of the tunnel… Full FNV Old World Blues Playlist: Full FNV Raw Footage Playlist: Full Fallout New Vegas Playlist: Full Fallout 3 GOTY Playlist: Full FNV Dead Money Playlist: Full Crysis 2 Playlist:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    You sound like Tacoman! I’ve been trying to figure that out for weeks!x)

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    Culvey your vids are great as always… keep it up

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    you missed a holotape in the closet in the beginning of the west tunnel entrance

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    @rebootedsharpshooter our co-op vids? I’ll send you a private email.

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    Abonnieren Sie den Kanal!

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    Whats the exact settings you use to convert our videos?

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    Hi, sorry for the quality glitch. Two of my videos won’t render in 1080p for some reason. I will do some testing today to figure this out.

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    7:53 look to your right missed a holotape

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    @culveyhouse Thanks for telling me Iwas just wandering because i play on X-Box 360.

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    Hey guys I’d imagine it’s only 720p at the moment because YouTube is maybe still processing it. 1080p takes a longgggggggggggggg time to process.

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    720p? what gives???

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    hey dont mean to alarm you but for some reason both part 37 and 36 can only go up to 720p….dont know if this is the same for everyone else though

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    culvey you should really get the good eating perk with every kill you get 50% to get thin red paste it heals 10 for 30 secs unless you all ready have it good perk overpower but good 😀

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    @GambitTF i appreciate it! :)

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    Your awesome sub 4 you :)

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    @BSebor lol thanks man.

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    @TheUnreal53 thx!

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    @MOHAMO97 ah yes, I noticed that it started a trail, but I thought it just led me back to signal hills transmittter, where Elijah’s other lookout was. I will check this out in the next vid, thanks!!

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    @OldWorldWasteland thx man!

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    @MrGreenboy12 nope, I’m gay.

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    @MrBlazinT You must purchase online, but credit card isn’t the only method though.

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    @tazza555 thx!