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20 Jul 10 Fedor Emelianenko – Optimal kimura ranges (MMA & UFC DVD) Fedor Emelianenko teaches surefire way to submit oppenents using kimura. Order your DVD now & learn much more about kimura and submissions in general from the best in business.
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    RC The “kimura” was known as a double wristlock in catch wrestling long before kimura was an itch in his daddy’s underwear and certainly before he beat Helio with it in the 50’s.

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    Uh? since when the kimura targets the wrist? the kimura was named after reverse ude garami an ELBOW block used by Masahiko Kimura to defeat Helio Gracie in the 50s.

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    This is not a double wristlock (kimura). Very diferent and much less effective

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    Great detail on the ude garami.

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    i loike u sundownpoint

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    @MrZinc888 It is. It’s a DVD tanslation kistake. It’s been gone over here ad nauseum.,

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    @wg390PHOENIX LOL “Fedor kills with one bird two stones “

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    lol what.

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    hmm, looks more like an americano submission than a kimura..?

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    lol i feel sorry for the guy who’s taking it. He’s probably trying real hard to stifle the pain by making no noise

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    I know that many hate Fedor
    He shared all his secrets and still nobody can beat him for last 10 years
    Haters learn all what Fedor share with you and try to beat him.
    Fedor kills with one bird two stones

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    That looks more like a americana rather than kimura….

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    @danc454 it is true the first thing that made fedor say no thanks to ufc was that he didnt think ufc treated the fighters right, like not letting fedor fight the sambo championship the co production thing came later. and dana is telling you whatever you want to hear to make you belieave fedor is ” greedy and is afraid of fighting the ufc hw”

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    @ingenmansland not true, its the co promotion dana refuses to allow, he has said several times sambo comps are fine, i believe him. co promotion killed boxing

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    a good example of this in action was his fight vs Mark Hunt.

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    mma and ufc dvd? lol what the f**k ufc has to do with this dvd

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    true that

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    dana wouldnt let him compete in the sambo championship if he signs for ufc wich for fedor is the most pridefull competition. pride let him, strikeforce let him etc etc. but not dana and then dana started talking shit and now I dont even want him to join ufc. ufc is overrated. sure good fighters but most late fights have been boring and no fucking entrance what to ever. :(

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    even worse, “mma and ufc dvd” insinuates that the person thinks the ufc is not mma

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    mma and ufc dvd??? it’s ridiculous when people think mma is only ufc

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    @masondarko dana white has tried 2 get him in for years and fedor has turned him down so dana makes fun of him, so fedor will not join now because of the respect. he doesnt need ufc, hes a man of pride and respect

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    nobody best fedor!!!

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    Fedor is a great athlette i wonder why he doesnt fight on the ufc octagon, he would kick ass !

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    they’re not the same guy

    but yes fedor is brilliant.

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    Kimura and americana r the same thing one is inverted and the other is not. And Fedor is brilliant, submission master.