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18 Nov 11 Finished homemade HHO cell

Here are my homemade HHO cell made from stainless steel washers an nuts++ It seems to produce a lot of HHO gas, but my problem it that my supply gets quite hot after a short run. Keep watching WARNING: HHO is very flammable and may explode if ignited!

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    Like edison i know thousands of things that wont work. i needed some hyd for a experiment and used the grade school experiment to make it. ran in to problems with the elements, even used a cheap grade ss. many a day later, i tried some tig electrodes. the tungenston was the ticket. held up and produced well. but i found that it was slow at first then improved. found that 180 deg. was the best temp! and as the fluid became hotter production fell off. a car thermostat opens at 180. and adds water