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25 Nov 11 Fresh End Invention |

Crazy toilet paper Invention


Reader's Comments

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    This makes sense, I don’t get why they wouldn’t accept the idea..

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    what happened to rowdy hat man

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    damn i hate that redhaired bitch, she also threw out the naked chick in naughty knot lingerie. goddamnit i like wiping my ass & naked chicks!

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    Nah Chose!!!

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    I didn’t know ‘nachos’ was two words!

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    the tuba music goes really well for this invention haha!

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    WTF hahahahaha the green guy is such a douche

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    i hate the 2 end judges

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    i haven’t seen so many stupid judges in one place….

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    haha loser

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    epic IRL troll is epic

    but that brit is a stuck-up faggot

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    copy that in youtube serch : Deutsche Erfindungen / German Inventions <----- answer from Germany

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    freeqwerqwer – Its the other way around. Left hand for butt and right hand for food.

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    In India they use their right hand and water to clean their anus. They use their left hand to pick up food as if it were a fork.
    This product seems to be only good for placement in luxury super yachts.

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    The lady says yes to this but no to the naughty knot…!

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    I’ve been wishing they would invent this for years now. a little moisture and anti bacteria at the end of the whole thing would be greatly appreciated..

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    This is one of the least stupid ideas. It would be great in a hospital. If they didnt have faucets WHICH YOU CAN TURN OFF WITH YOUR ELBOWS!!!!

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    He should have elaborated more on the gel. That one guy was convinced it was just soap.

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    lol justt take a regular despencer and squirt it yourself on the paper, its no different :p

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    Why do the judges have to pretend that there’s something wrong with talking about something we all do?

    That pompous bitch probably sniffs her fingers after she wipes her ass.

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    All 7 billion people don’t have access to toilets, just a remark to the last part of the clip.

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    fuck yeh

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    It was………. a sound concept but……. not really practical

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    Two words; nachoes.