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02 Jan 12 Fulgor hidden oven


This built-in oven from Fulgor does not go in the wall, instead it hides in the kitchen countertop. From there, you can raise it up, thanks to the unique Fulgor Lift System, with the simple touch of a button, just like a hidden exhaust hood. The multifunction oven has touch controls and offers 12 cooking functions including Upper and Lower Heat, Upper Heat, Lower Heat, Salamander, Full Grill, Grill and Fan, Upper and Lower Heat with Fan, Fan with Heat, Pizza and Bread, Lower Heat with Grill, Boost and Defrosting.


The ‘A’ energy rated hidden oven from Fulgor Appliances is made almost entirely from high-end stainless steel. Interior halogen light, electronic timer and clock, tangential cooling ventilation, residual-heat indicator, crush-prevention sensors, child safety, 3 safety-glass trays, removable telescopic grills. Fulgor.


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