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25 Oct 11 Garbage Converted to Fuel, Discovery in Czech Republic

WONG: Czech scientists are carrying out a unique experiment of international importance. They have found out how to change household waste into food for animals and fuel for cars. STORY: Experts in algae and energetic use of wastes have designed a scientific process to transform municipal waste into bio-fuel for cars and good class food for animals. The star performer in the process is algae. Certain algae thrive on the carbon dioxide formed while burning the waste. [Msc Petr Novak, Director for Ecology] male “We were of course surprised too, the quality of algae is so high that they are suitable for utilization in the food-processing industry and at the same time it is confirmation that burnt gas from our wastes incinerator is very clean. As wastes are burnt the smoke-gas goes through a filter and heads for a water bath where scientist have placed algae. Algae transform the burnt gas into protein and from protein they make starch. This starch is used in the production of bio-ethanol to be used in place of petrol. [Petr Novak, Director for Ecology] male “The effect lies mainly in that carbon dioxide forms as much as 50 percent of expenses in the production of algae and here it is actually for free.” Moreover the algae grow 30 times faster than maize or soy from which bio-fuel is commonly produced. The Scientific team will patent their discovery in Europe and the USA. NTDTV, Liberec, Czech Republic

Back with the Manly Heil on a Sunday afternoon while taking care of the three 660Ls from Pine Street. This particular stop is done twice a day, 7 days a week and can become quite a heavy one some days… Body Make: HEIL Environmental Industries Model: 23m Formula 4000 Chassis: Iveco Acco Contractor: Manly Waste Collection Type: Mixed Commercial Waste
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Reader's Comments

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    So pretty much garbage can create its own fuel that will break itself down

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    grind and extreme heat boil the garbage leaving a liquid that in turn fertilizes the algae with the help from the sun then it is broken down again leaving fuel that might one day fuel any thing from cars to jet planes

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    There is no “waste”. This word is a concept using the semantic of something worthless. It’s been created to delude the people into buying the same stuff over and over again in order to pay on a daily basis. What is being referred to as “waste” is in fact resources. If you burn resources, you’re an idiot. No matter what you’ll do with the by-products. Incineration also needs lots of oil, gas and coal because “garbage” doesn’t burn without it.

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    misleading title…
    better technique is to harvest the energy already contained in the waste itself, not trough long intermediary process where the actual energy must be recollected from the sun.
    it would be a bonus if they can devise a method to pull co2 from the atmosphere instead burning things to generate higher concentration.

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    quick everyone make more garbage!

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    I was thinking the same thing. A possible solution would be to burn the garbage with the fuel created from algae. If the algae is exposed to sunlight during its growth cycle it could create more energy than is burned. I dont know much about how they get the energy out of the algae thou.

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    What about the energy used to burn the garbage, it is energy intensive to burn waste to produce CO2 to grow algae. It does not even reduce carbon emissions, it is only an excuse for burning trash.

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    Don’t even know if anything more than daily is available anywhere around here. Probably just make the customer order more dumpsters LOL

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    Holy crap 3x per day!! Insane! Wonder what kind of business that’d be!

  10. |

    Nope, only been in Australia

  11. |

    they were even working on a sunday you would be lucky to see that in uk mitch have you been to the united kingdom

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    haha There’s times where you don’t push the lever hard enough to make it connect, or where your hand slips off the lever a little… if I explained that to make any sense at all?! :) Then again… could just be a “TOUCHY TRUCK” 😀

    I find companies that provide multiple services in a day will have both daytime/morning and a night/afternoon shift. Pretty efficient for areas like Manly – some places would be screwed if two services weren’t available…

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    That was weird with the malfunction! Maybe some RLs DO have minds of their own!! Can’t believe this is serviced TWICE a day and they’ve got overflowing bins! That’s crazy! Didn’t even know companies offered 2x/day service!

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    heil is one of my favouite models of a dustcart this one is the usa version

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    Cheers mate. Yep, there’s some busy stops in Manly, a good amount serviced twice a day in inner Manly, some three times. Haven’t really seen the truck/drivers much lately, but I believe the truck’s going pretty good now. Last I saw it, don’t think there was anything wrong with it, hasn’t been off the road much either…

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    5 stars mitch! how much garbage do those places make having their bins emptied twice every day?!?!?

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    They dump those 660’s twice on a daily basis?!? WTF?!… Anywayz, heard bout the probs they’ve had wif this truck, have sum of the problems been fixed?.. Dun a good job on this vid bro