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16 Jul 10 Geothermal Heating

A brief introduction to geothermal: the next wave of clean and sustainable energy.

Physics 10: Physics for Future Presidents. Spring 2006. Professor Richard A. Muller. The most interesting and important topics in physics, stressing conceptual understanding rather than math, with applications to current events. Topics covered may vary and may include energy and conservation, radioactivity, nuclear physics, the Theory of Relativity, lasers, explosions, earthquakes, superconductors, and quantum physics. [courses] [physics10] [spring2006] Credits: lecturer:Professor Richard A. Muller, producers:Educational Technology Services
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    @MrCoryjohnson1 It probably wouldn’t affect anything too much. The amount of heat being dropped 6 feet into the ground is minuscule in comparison to the total sinking ability of the Earth as a whole. However, if this was done in every house in a densely populated neighborhood, the holes may need to be deeper to have the same affect since the earth immediately surrounding the GT circuit would be made warmer/cooler by neighboring systems..

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    I wonder what the effect of heating the ground will be when this becomes more popular.

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    It’s actually not 100% non-polluting, it’s 70% less polluting, but still good.

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    the last point is very untrue….

    sins it runs on electricity its does polute as most forms of electrical production is poluting….

    but to a lesser degree of coarse.. but it untrue to say its does not polute at all..

    If you know 100% your electricity comes from water, wind or solar then its true…

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    I just installed the new GE hot water heat pump and it is incredible…it dehumidifies and cools my basement while heating the hot water using half the energy of a regular electric hot water heater…It helped make my home a net-zero solar powered home….

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    The heat in the ground is transferred to the liquid solution inside the piping, usually the piping is of high grade plastic or polyethylene pipe and the heat is transferred through the pipe to the liquid without the use of any other underground hardware. The heat pump is located inside the home and circulates the “water” within the pipes. It is just as easy to do this in a new home as it is an existing, the same process is usually followed for vertical loops, a heat pump replaces your furnace.

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    “Can an already existing home be converted? ”

    Yeah, there are vertical systems where you dig something like a well in your garden and drop them down it.

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    great animation. how is the heat absorbed into the pipes underground? is there some sort of fan system or is it a natural process?
    Also, this seems to be something that is possible only with new build homes. Can an already existing home be converted?

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    Please they’ve changed there positions on what Global Warming’s going to do so many times it makes me laugh. It’s a total bogus hoax. I mean if you look at all the times they’ve being wrong and the history of the theory than you’ll realize it.

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    If you weren’t a complete and total retard you would know that global warming is no theory, and Al Gore did not invent the idea FYI. There is a period of global cooling caused by the de-salination of the oceans caused by the melting of polar ice caps, even though you decide to not listen to reason this is not some wild theory. Who would have thought that the movie “The Day After Tomorrow” would actually have some sort of truth to it.

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    The US power production in 2006 was distributed on the following sources: 49 % Coal, 20 % Natural Gas, 19 % Nuclear, 10 % Renewables and 2 % Petroleum (Source wikipedia search: power production US). Thereby mainly fossil fuels. In Denmark it’s something like 12 % wind power and 88 % fossil fuels.

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    @simras1234 I didn’t misunderstand you. Pumps can also be run with geothermal energy. Also, major countries such as the US do use Hydroelectric power (this means that water goes through a dam to spin turbines, no pollution there). By using geothermal heat, you’re not using heating oil or natural (or propane) gas to heat your home. Iceland uses geothermal energy, and use that heat to make electricity too. I’m pointing out that you may wanna rethink what you are saying. Cheers!

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    I’m not really sure what your point is. If you think I’m arguing for nuclear power production it’s a big misunderstanding. I’m just observing that harvesting geothermal energy requires a heat pump which uses energy. This energy is produced mainly by use of fossil fuels in most countries is produced.

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    @simras1234 Sorry Charlie, but there’s a lot of hydro, wind, solar, and wave energy of there nowadays. Where do you get oil and gas? Since when are there any major diesel-only power plants? And Uranium? Are you serious? How many nuke plants do you think the US, or the world for that matter exist? And the NP’s are way more efficient, but the downside is their waste. Remember 3 mile island? (probably not, since you’re Danish).

    I hope I helped educate you today. Cheers!

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    not to mention all the power used to make all the piping and other parts of the system

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    Google Earthships

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    Come on can anyone here actually tell me why they think Global Warming is real. When at first Al Gore and these idiots said by now the earth would be hotter,but instead it’s getting colder and there are more glaciers. Also to those people out there who say well Global Warming makes things cooler and want cap and tax. Why should I have to pay for something that is just a theory and they were wrong before?

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    suck my geothermal balls

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    It seems strange that they would say that it uses no fossil fuels. I would expect that it uses electricity for heat pumps etc. and electricity is produced almost only by use of some fossil fuel like coal, oil, gas or uranium.

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    Global Warming is BS, but saving money on gas by using Geothermal isn’t.

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    It would only be non-polluting if the electricity used to operate it was completely solar-powered…we forget that in large portions of the world, electricity is still generated via burning of fossil fuels or nuclear power, either of which has disadvantages that are already well documented.

    Having said that, it really IS a great way to heat/cool a space…the science is there, and has been proven!

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    You can save up to 70% on your heating, cooling, AND hot water bills- due to the fact that you can use the excess heat from the compressor to heat your hot water, any time the system is running… and then circulate it in your existing hot water tank. It is the most energy efficient system out there. The motor converts AC current to DC current, so it basically uses the power of a 60W lightbulb to run, electrically.

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    pumps? i thought heat was transfered by convection = ie. natural tendency for warmth to move in the cold direction… hot roof transfers heat into ground – hot ground transfers heat into home heating system… ?

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    nice thermometers, lol

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    I really like this thing :)

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    Wow that stupid stuttering son of a bitch really fucks up on 13:00 to 15:00
    He should find a different career direction.

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    They’re giving a lecture on Physics 10 in University?

    Is this the same Physics 10/20/30 they teach in High School?

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    Friction also explains why its really hot near the equator!Friction from space rubs with the equator more :)

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    @Neeks4215 per gram, yes.

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    grrr i hate the example of a hand grenade it wasnt designed to split apart it was for grip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol sry i just dont like this example

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    Thanks for the resources!

    -Kudos from Israel

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    1 big calorie can raise the temperature of water by 1000 degrees?

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    huh? Gym? Listening to these lectures in a gym? Well, good luck then

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    wow Australian value! Now teach me about that!

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    Thanks a lot for these videos. I’m a freshman in college and they’ve helped a great deal.

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    I wouldn’t consider a Hybrid the best transportation solution. I personally think the electric car and MagLav Trains have more future if the technology would truly evolve freely without interferences of the energy power structure like the oil companies. The EV1 is here the best example… If the electric car had been given the same development focus like Laptops. How far would you go on one charge and how efficient could be the EV1 today?

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    As you already said, 1hp is ABOUT 1kw…
    I would recommend you investigate more in the future before posting. 1hp is ABOUT 0.7456kW. Now you should get a bit closer to the value of Australia.

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    ROFL British Horse power? 😛 haha seriously?? It’s Brake Horse power btw . 😀

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    I am not a student, but I will be watching/listening to these lectures at the gym. just my 2 cents keep doing them and thank you.

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    TNT it’s Dynamite! lol

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    TNT produces arround 1100 calories per gram. Also TNT and Dynamite are clompletley different. Arghh ACDC!!!!

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    wut year is this? 2nd year?

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    I’m not sure the British adopted the new American version of engine testing, called SAE certified, but your gonna have to look that up… hope that helped :)

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    That’s because BHP stands for either Brake Horsepower or British Horsepower, and the measurements of the full output delivered is less than that obtainable at the engine’s crankshaft.

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    one horse power is about a kilowatt? then how come cars with 600 bhp are measured at about 450 kw in australia?

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    I love this guy!

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    I thought he was going to explain how to make a pussy magnet?

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    this is how sex is.

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    That’s how my college is lol