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21 Nov 11 GI canteen cup cooking – baking muffins for breakfast

Using rocks to buffer the heat in to a radiating force, baking bread or muffins is easy. Whether on a fire or using an alcohol stove
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A look at backpacking food for the newbee
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    @TheNorrwen what the hell are you talking about? I was the one that said that. You’re not making sense. And why the f would you be yelling at me? what’s the big fn deal? Go to your room!!

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    oh, well i guess the phrase “aluminum creates a poisonous gas when heated” isn’t straight forward!! what did you think i meant!?! and by the way, this:!?!?!?!?!?!?” means im asking a question while yelling

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    @TheNorrwen ha, you say i’m retarded? why don’t you learn wtf I’m even talking about before trying to argue… especially in public where you risk making an ass of yourself. & wtf is all this .. ”?!?!?!?!?!?!?!” , ?

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    @TheNorrwen you got no reason to call me names, asshole. & what rhetorical question are you talking about? You’re not making sense.

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    @homeagent what are you talking about!?!? what about when you cook cookies in the oven or other things!??!?!?!?! that was a retorical question. God, you’re a retard.

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    shouldn’t make stoves out of alluminum cans or cook w/ alluminum foil. Alluminum creates a poison gas when heated. I know it won’t kill you on the spot but prolonged exposure …

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    where can i get an alcohol burner like urs?

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    great idea, gonna try it on a hobo stove, many possibilities, thanks

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    good job…that muffin looks tasty

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    This is an awesome idea, I’m trying to find a way to not eat only oatmeal for breakfast in the bush. Sure oatmeal’s good but after you eat it for EVERY breakfast it gets old. Thanks for the idea.

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    @napalmonfire my next video for pathfinder challenge has a close up shot, I just cut it out of the shape, then snipped the edges and bent them up with pliers.

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    @beast12101 can you make a video on how to make it

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    can you use this method to cook any other things that need to be baked?

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    Very good. Ive never “baked” in the field, only dehydrated stuff n drinks. I will have a bash at baking now. Thanks for the video.

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    @jreaper23 made from aluminum beer bottle

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    hey awesome vid jus wonderin wat kinda alcohol stove is tht? jus a normal pressurized one or something else?

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    @napalmonfire made it out of 22g steeel from home depot

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    @reachoutandtouchme thanks for the kind words, and dont sweat it, I got that comment alot from my early videos. I use the Ultra pod II now :)

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    First off Sir, both my fiance and I loved the video. Some great ideas we intend to incorporate into our own kits.
    However, have you considered getting a small tripod for your camera ?
    it looked like you were having some minor issues with trying to open containers and still hold camera steady.
    My fiance just told me to hush, so i am going to. ( I am not whipped, She has a valid point)
    The video is very informative.
    We both look forward to your others.

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    I used 1/2″ hardware cloth to create a raised cooking base (no rocks needed in my cup). The best part is it fits in the canteen pouch under the cup itself…so you have it with you whenever you need it. Check out my video on it.

    Keep up the good work.

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    @survivalists2012 the rocks insulate pretty well, all depends on the “homemade” stove too. different designs burn different

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    what the heck? the more I look at your page the more I see the same stuff I do!!! This is really strange…. I guess I’m not original after all… Never tried to bake bread with a alcohol stove before.. How do you keep the flames low enough to bake it without burning the bread?

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    @mrSugarglider i made it

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    where did you get the stove?…can i buy it some where?

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    You said that the candy would put lead in my pencil. I don’t have anyone to write to. LOL

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    @28bull all you have to use is a dehydrator machine with the fruit roll-up tray add on

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    I value your opinions on stoves, Tinny therefore it makes sense to listen to what you have to share with the audience on packing food. thanks

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    LOve all your videos Tinny !!!!!

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    Great Video!

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    i think i love you, and the fact that your a genius, in every sense.

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    where do i get the dehiderated hamberger

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    dehydrated hamburger? GROSS!

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    Yes you can. After dehydrating the sauce rip it into pieces put it in the freezer then put it into a blender to break it up and make it easier to rehydrate.

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    5 stars

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    Can you dehydrate Ragu and other pasta sauces?

    28 Bull

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    I use boiling water to cook raw angel hair spaghetti it cooks in about 10 minutes

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    HI i have a good suggestion i usually cook the spaghetti or other kind of pasta before to dehydrate it so you have just to add some boiling whater to have a comlite and good meal!!!! This is the Italian way XD

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    you ever heard of malt loaf tinny, always popular when we go hiking, am off up glyder fawr and glyder fach in wales next weekend, camping in wales in october, haha madness.

    have a good day!

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    go buy some mini flavor packets to add to your water after you purify it

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    If it is clear and doesn’t smell odd it is pretty safe–but I always filter it just in case. If you are still learey put in three drop of laundry bleach and let it stand for an hour

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    plz anweser me

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    HEY TINNY I HAVE A QUISTION IM 11 I LIKE TO BACK PACK AND ETC . im afraid of the water in these places and i realy dont like dont like to drink it at all ethin when its peurified do u have any old tricks please respond i like ur vids i subed and rated 5 stars and told my friends to too plz talk back ok ill keep loving ur vids till u re spond ok bye! ( ;

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    geat vid tinny, i just got back from a teen backpacking trip with the AMC and they used iodine 4 purifying water, you need to basically pinch your nose and take a gulp! yuck! worse then medicine! but luckily they had tang to make it taste somewhat beter. each morning we fought over who got the good tasting, leftover boiled water. lol but the food was great and i agree it makes the trip much better, we had a blast even though it rained atleast once a day! the food was a real attitude fixer!

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    I should have made the amount a little clearer–when I said 4.oz I meant 1/2 cup and the 2.oz is 1/4 cup –and yes it does weigh 5.oz by weight and is enough for two medium sized meals at 400 cal each. Thanks for the reality check.

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    Great ideas but, not to nit-pick too much, you use 4 Oz. Hamburger, 3 Oz. Spaghetti, 2 Oz. of cheese. Not including the sauce powder, youre already at 9 Ozs.
    You state after checking your notes its about 5 Ozs and 800 calories. I think you have some great ides but the math looks wrong. Also, 800 calories seems a bit high for that meal.
    Anyway keep on, keepin on, and get out on the trail. I look forward to more of your videos.

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    I just went and bought stuffing mix, powdered potatoes and spam singles. Im mixing it up with powdered milk and salt/pepper. Should be a great/cheap/hi-cal. meal up there.
    Thanks for the good ideas.

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    A combination of properly dehydrated food (minimal fat) with the air removed via vacuum sealer seems to work for a couple years I’ve heard. You might consider making a mini cellar to store food at 55-60 deg because lower temps help as well. Date your food packages and rotate the older out when you camp, keeping a steady state of non-expired food cache available for your emergencies.