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25 Nov 11 Guitar Hero: WoR – Dire Straits – Money For Nothing (Expert Guitar FC – Hyperspeed 5)

Man, this was pretty annoying one. It’s not that challenging song, the whole thing is pretty much the same riff through the entire song. But it keeps changing just enough to make it difficult to keep up with hyperspeed. Oh well… I kinda messed in the ending, couldn’t hold all the long notes properly. Bitch about it, if you care. Aaaand higher pitch because of the cookie monster.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Nickel Creek and Fiona Apple – Limp, Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC 08/05/07

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Reader's Comments

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    @LulzMania1 That goes to show that they like REAL music

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    Try to thumbs up with ALT pressed

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    @Skelerexbogoss2 I can also play How You Remind Me and Again in expert 😀

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    uprising and this song are the ONLY songs i can play in expert :(

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    why should people complain about how people play, sure u can have ur own opignion but at least u put thos vid on YT instead of putting stupid comments everywhere, and i think u did it great, since i play at medium hehe : )

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    @BigSxyProductions Full combo, he made a perfect play.

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    dude…i was playing GH3 and on medium i was awful but you played this on hardest level and nailed it…i couldnt keep with my eyes those notes and im amazed how you hit every note…nice work 😀

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    @spotlightman1234 Full combo. It means he hit all the notes in a row with no overstrums.

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    @BigSxyProductions full count i think. it means that they got the full amount of points.

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    @ihg911turbo XDDD its on xbox 360… yesterday i seen that characteristic
    srry for my english… im colombian man :)

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    what does FC mean?

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    Damn, they censored the verse about the faggot with the earrings and the make up! That woulda been hilarious to hear that sung in a GH game frankly. >:(

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    you play on wii?
    ’cause ur character is good!
    i play in Xbox 360

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    0 people have not had their microwave ovens explode in their face 😀

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    @pimkingetje Youtube is seriously fucked up. It took only 3 minutes to upload this clip but the processing took two and a half hour. Usually I’m done with the whole process in 15 minutes. That ain’t working, that’s the way you do it…

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    Woohoo, after 2 times watching still the 0st watcher xD

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    This video was just added to a music playlist at

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    the mandolin and fiddle add a unique and edgy twist that goes great!

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    I am so happy to say that I was lucky enough to catch one of these shows…it was AMAZING!!! the audience was so respectfull & the bands gracious…I only wish she would’ve played some piano, still AMAZING!!!! thanx fer the post 😉

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    this video is by far my favorite of all the apple creek videos. thank you for the great sound and picture quality, and of course thanks to the five superb musicians!

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    chills!!! what a combo i wish i could have seen this live

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    chris and fiona are just too hot…..

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    Fiona is such a bad @ss

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    I like how Chris moves towards the mike at the end, only to salute the audience.