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17 Nov 11 Hair Haul/ Make Your Hair GROW!!

So i got sum new products that will help me with my hair growth. Thanks pinkpornstar1 for ur hair video & ideas! If u have any questions, comment below=) Hawiian Silky 14 in 1 Miracle Worker: Helps stop itching and dandruff Cools and soothes the scalp to help heal abrasions Helps hair stay soft Looks fresh all day Non-greasy An excellent product for protecting and maintaining your hairstyle. This versatile product can be used as a curl activator and moisturizer on natural curls and perm waved hair and a leave-in conditioner for relaxed, natural and braided hair. This non-greasy, non-staining formula helps to soften and detangle hair while soothing the scalp and healing abrasions leaving a vibrant sheen Aphogee Deep Moisture Shampoo Makes styling easier Restores body & vibrancy Controls frizz maintains critical moisture balance ApHogee products are pH optimized for maximum results and contain exclusive ProHytamine Complex utilizing precise levels of protein for strength, emollients for shine and humectants for softness. ApHogee Deep Moisture Shampoo is specially formulated to help hair maintain its critical moisture balance. It is recommended fro dry, flyaway hair or where heat appliances are routinely used for hair styling or drying. The results are luxurious body, frizz control and long lasting styles that resist humidity. Roux moisturizing conditioner: Contains conditioning proteins Instantly replenishes lost moisture Instantly revives dry hair Roux- 619 Moisturizing

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    @TyeDye07 haha..thank you

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    @Mssbmill Thanks

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    @FaithAngel86 yea i love the hawiian silky..i always buy it. i even get my daughter her own bottle!!

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    Great vid

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    Silicon mix

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    i Want A girfriend thats into cosmetics and knows all the little secrets :) oh n yer cute

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    I have that Hawaiian Silky and its AMAZING! I love it because its non-greasy and it makes your hair, well… silky. :)

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    @Comader17 yea they hurt some when i got them done,,hurt more when i got them taken out! =(

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    @daphney94able yes.

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    where did you get the hair products at did you get them at sally beauty suplies?

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    Does your chest piercing hurt to get done?

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    all the ckicks that talk about hair stuf are relly pritty

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    sooo pretty girlll :)

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    dear is here a way to show my hair wet every time

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    ew u have earrings in between ur boobs.

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    I know I’m really late but the Hawaiin Silky works really well. I’m been using it for a couple years now and I absolutely love it. It made my hair so soft yet really strong and stopped breakage. I really hope it worked for you because it worked so well for me :)

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    @sexyadrahs yes that was a piercing on my chest, i took them all out now tho=(

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    Is that a piercing on ur chest!!

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    You should try the alikay naturals

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    @DeadEyeSwag i think the products i bought really helped out with my hair being more strong, ive had less breakage, and ive noticed my hair has grown! i take pics and ive seen a difference. i am going to make a new video wit how i did like these prducts,but i can say that the hawiian silky spray is a total buy that does everything for ur hair. i found a new shampoo ill be talkin bout in my next hair video, one n only argan oil moisture repair shampoo is GREAT! and so is there restorative mask!

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    does anything in this video really work?? does it really make your hait grow quicker/longrer ??? please help me, i don’t like wasting money.

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    @brittanyisepic thank You!!

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    your so pretty!

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