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14 Jul 11 Heavy Monsoon Season Hits India

Heavy rains continue to devastate parts of north and west India, engulfing homes, inundating roads and stranding residents. Although the city of Jamnagar is used to annual monsoons, this year’s flooding is far greater than usual. [Vinubhai Dhruv, Coporator of Jamnagar]: “Jamnagar faces five to six inches of rainfall in every monsoon season. Whenvever this happens, water enters houses and completely submerges low-lying localities of the city. Due to this, locals incur huge losses as many electrical items such as television sets and refrigerators are damaged. This time, the water level in the city is gauged at seven to eight feet.” In the state of Madhya Pradesh, flood waters stranded two fishermen on a rock. They remained there for several hours as onlookers stood on the river bank. A rescue team fastened ropes from the rock to the shore. The stranded fishermen made their way back inside a tire. The monsoon season hit India in late May to start the rainy season for the country.

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