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13 Nov 11 HHO Home Heating Unit

See it at Heat your home with ordinary water…today! Earth’s most abundant energy source can be utilized to heat your home in the safest, most efficient way possible.
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    but is it more efficient than a regular electric heater? what costs more running a 5000 btu regular electric space heater for 10 hours or running a 5000 btu electrolysis heater for the same 10 hours? run the both units for the exact same length of time after calibrating the 2 of them to output the same rate of heat output,and them measure how many killwatt hours it takes to run each one for that same lenght of time, and of the electrolosys one is considerably less then great

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    Great video. Thank you for posting this.

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    @TheWerdSmith I would say the skeptics have not fully investigated. I’m studying hho space heater designs myself and I can truly say these heaters work using 1/4th the electricity needed for a conventional space heater. I was hoping to have a working prototype done by the winter but progress is slow due to a number of factors. This technology works and can only get better as we all develop it further. Fuel from water is a reality and we should all invest our efforts to bring it out….

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    damn good idea. it all depends how efficient it is in the watts used for the amount of heet produced. vs.

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    I wonder if any of these skeptics have fully investigated this? They sure get angry at hydrogen. This is a common thread with the energy industry. They have enough money to send nay sayers out on youtube

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    This “Award Winning” news team should be locked up for fraud, as the “Inventor” will be if he sells any of these bogus water-powered heaters

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    Typically badly researched news item.
    Where does the energy come from to make the hydrogen?
    If you use 1000w of electricity to make hydrogen and oxygen, then burn it, you will get 1000 watts of heat – thats it !!
    Whats the point exactly?
    Well the point is to sell pointless “water-powered” heaters to people who dont understand how it works

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    how ampers? and how voltage uses this invention? better heat your home with solar colectors for free and safer

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    but wouldn;t be cheaper, and easyer to buy a aerotherm? it might be even a bit more eficient then this… but i guess it’s not as expensive and fancy as this… same as in cars. the only practical use for hho so far I think is the torch.

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    When it sounds too good to be true . . . it’s a always a scam.
    Especially when it’s promoted on late night TV infomercials or YouTube.

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    Better than digging big ass holes everywhere putting natural gas pipes in.

    This will never get off the ground because natural gas companies like to stay employed with their huge high maintenance heavily materialized network of pipes n crap. This would put all the stress on com ed

    Does he even own the rights for this? HHO has been around since the 40s i doubt it. Scientific studies have been done on every burnable gas including this one.

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    Wow! There is no real intellect or imaginative innovation in this crowd. Used correctly, HHO can power all manner of conventional machinery from heat develoopment to kinetic energy for cars or other machinery! Wake up!

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    @superwhiz88 — there is no such thing as a cool flame duh.

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    @pauliexcluded1, Did you find something specific on the inventor, having a scamming background of shoddy investments or something? I really hate scammers, plenty here on yt!

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    @pauliexcluded1, yep the guy who owns it, installs large compressors for refridgeration and uses it to join pipes, he loves it, I was really surprised at how well it was made, russian design, built in China.
    What got me, was i was expecting oxidisation problems on the weld, but no!, it seems the gas burns so completely and the water fapour is far too hot to stay around, he loves it and welds anything just for fun, including cast iron garden furniture.

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    @pauliexcluded1, Water based plasma Torch watch?v=9aJfXl7frdQ
    I also watched a European Space Agency vid of a Plasma ball being created inside a water droplet in zero G, the resulting cavitation and implosion is rather unique. little flashes of light hotter then the surface of the Sun can produced in water, using only a sound wave.
    $2500 is a lot for a heater, if its doing the whole house, say 150M2+ and there is some data as to its efficientcy, then we will see, no doubt.

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    @1BustedMyth Yup…I can’t see why the torch isn’t legitimate. It is just electric power being used to produce a gas to fuel a torch….there are no funky claims about magic energy production. He heater here…however is a 2,500 dollar con.

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    @pauliexcluded1, yep I’m aware its Fusion, i was just trying to make the point that matter changing from one state to another has electromagnetic radiation that is of use. I’m still getting my head around HHO torch/heating concepts, they are very unconventional. personaly i find it easier to clear the mind of theory, look at the idea from zero, see if it actually works or not, then go back to theory to figure out how it works. There are strange results here, I certainly can’t explain.

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    @1BustedMyth Yea the torch idea is neat. You have less cutting power however you don’t have to buy gas…it should have a legitimate market.

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    @pauliexcluded1, Firstly I don’t support this device, i have had a little to do with Browns gas and know a lot of people who work with it. Last week i witnessed a demostration of a Plasma torch that uses only water and electricity. This is a commercial unit, i was completely amazed by its performance.
    The technology seems to have merit, however i in no way vouch for the credibility of this particular company, sadly there are scammers in every area of life.

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    @1BustedMyth Um…no…the sun is undergoing hydrogen FUSION…a very different process. This device is cracking water and then immediately burning the resulting gases…Upon further investigation it is exceedingly clear that this is a scam.

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    @1BustedMyth Yes yes…but in this particular case…why store the energy by breaking the hydrogen bonds only to immediately recombine them….there seems no reason at all for the hydrogen step other than to dupe people into spending WAY too much for a rather crapy heater.

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    @pauliexcluded1, Hydrogen/Oxygen are viable energy storage mediums. Using renewable power to split water, then recombine it in a fuel cell, giving power water and heat is well known, the process is very well understood and very old, your not making energy, your storing Solar Energy for later use. No broken physics laws anywhere.
    You need to study the lives of the first scientists, enigineers etc.
    120 years ago if you were trying to fly you were considered a crackpot.

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    @pauliexcluded1, Thankyou, I am rather aware that energy is neither created nor destroyed. that has nothing to do with using it as it passes from one state to another. What do you think the Sun is doing right now and we benfit from the radiance.
    Physical reality and your reality are not the same thing!
    I stand by what I said. I’m always open to being corrected, are you?
    I neither support or not the prototype in this video, just the search for new and better ways to use energy, NOT make it!

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    @goobergel “generally I just don’t see the point in this rube goldberg machine”