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17 Jul 10 Hobart Dishwashers at NAFEM Show 2007 – by

Hobart Warewash/Dishwashers. In this video a Hobart representative talks about the new & standard features that come on the new AM-Series dishwashers. Also see the machine at work in this video and learn about the other advantages of the Hobart warewashers. Thanks for watching.

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Reader's Comments

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    ramekin annihilation!

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    Then it’s better than NSF. Wow amazing!!!

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    I call bull crap. NSF only requires a 180*F rinse cycle… no joke.

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    I wish i had this beauty where i worked. Our Hobart is shit compared to this!

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    hobart es de las mejor maquinas lavaplatos que pueda existir!!

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    That was interesting. The wash action looks way more vigorous than anything I’ve seen in a dishwasher designed for home use..Cool!!!