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20 Jul 10 home made air conditioner

make your own air conditioner
Video Rating: 4 / 5

covers most issues.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    this is a water cooler can one make a gas cooler this ez?

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    I am an HVAC Technician and I can tell you that if this contpraption worked at all properly you would have condensate off of the 1/4″ copper tubing all over your table as there is no drain pan. either than that I love your enginuity!

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    it would heat too because the water temperature that’s in the cooler is the temperature that the fan would heat/cool

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    @TheChemist187 It wouldn’t be any cooler

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    It will get even colder if you add salt to the ice water. Salt lowers the freezing temp in the water so the water will be colder.

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    if water is at room temperature, you wont have any kind of cooling.

    if you lay up some pipes underground on your backyard, and run the water loop thru there, you have free cooling and that will do some good.

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    ahhh i get it!

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    @Creepyseven sorry m8 lost me there when you mentioned compressor.I thought it was a water pump being used.Not going to argue though as you seem to know what you are on about?

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    @zodiacfml naw, its not alot of work at all! its really easy :)

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    thats a lot of work….. a well thought air exhaust system will cool your room better.

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    nice video.

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    hmm not a bad idea, but the water will not have enough “cooling-power” to stay cold for a longer period. And the copper tube will also not give allot of cold to the air passing by it. You can replace the fan and copper tubing by a car radiator and pump the cold water thru that, but the radiator has allot more surface area then the copper tubing, and the water will be the same temperature as the room in no time :)

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    to save money and time, you could use reusable homemade ice packs and alternate them from the freezer to the cooler.

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    its not a waste of water for whoever said that if you put ice in it,, why not just put beear or soda in the cooler as well lol

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    good idea, but the temperature won’t be consistent.

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    @MugenRenegade pet store fish tank section

  17. |


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    Ah, YouTube… home of the DIYs.

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    @mrxhacker Child.

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    @CoolnessLink and what? Ur a broke ass. The End

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    @mrxhacker and what? waste $400+ and a higher electric bill?

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    it doesnt say fill the cooler with water , which i would assume you have to.

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    This really works! Thanks! Copper stays cold even after ice melts

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    if you put dry ice along with water in that cooler, it will only last a few hours

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    put dry ice in the water the you dont need ice and dry ice last for days

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    maybe you can help me
    hello i have a mitsubishi rayder 2007, two days ago i found a lot of water under the carpet on the passenger side , aparently from my a/c unit , im thinking , the gas is low, but im not sure generating condensation?????

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    @duaneafields sorry my civic has ac you fuckin bum

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    Dave, my car has a leak in the system for sure, but when i start the car the belt wants to smoke around the compressor and makes a horrible noise every now and again. how do i know 100% if the compressor is bad? and keep in mind that the air is off on it all the time, but i think the previous owner ran the air when it was leaking freon

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    @jh3835 You know your a redneck when you fix your car in your underwear.

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    this is an expert advice?
    this sucks

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    Wow, Dave! For someone who knows so much about AC systems- you certainly don’t know squat about covering your bare ass in that bright sunshine do you?! WARNING FOLKS: even though this video appears to be a daytime event…. FULL MOON AT 3.22!!!

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    LOL- Nice ass Dave….

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    Ac keep making a squeaking sound after changing fan belt

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    haha try watching the video with the closed captions!

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    enlightened me on how the system works, troubleshooting my 95 stang.

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    Ass at 3:22

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    rofl nice video

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    @XClone08 uhh i think its not a good thing really look up grand cherokee explosion on u tube there should be a news video about it and how that guy lost his wife in it as she burned to death cuz americans dont no how to make good cars. i mean honestly look at where the gas tank is located rite next to the rear bumper and that bumper wont protect ur gas tank.

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    1 second ago I got R134a all over the serpentine belt of a 98 Cavalier. In an attempt to wash off the R134a, I poured soapy water onto the serpentine belt while the engine was running. The belt came off by itself after that.

    Here’s the question. Does this necessarily mean that the tensioner or pulley alignment is bad? Or is it normal for the belt to come off after coming into contact with soapy water and R134a?

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