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25 Nov 11 How to Grill Pizza – From Dough to done! pt 2 Gary House, The “Outdoor Cook” presents “How to Grill Pizza – From Dough to done!” We are making Pizza dough from scratch and grilling four easy pizzas on the grill. Episode 10 Part 2 Spices provided by http Keeping things simple the Cooking Everything Outdoors way! The how-to show of backyard and camp cooking. If it can be cooked indoors, I can show you how to cook it outdoors! If you want to learn how to use Dutch ovens, Barbecues, Fire Pits, Foil cooking and Camp cooking, then this is the show for you! Great product review and new ideas. Grill it, bake it, smoke it, fry it, we can do it. Questions? Comments? Email Gary: Please leave a comment and a rating, thank you! Visit for even more recipes, tips, tricks and really good times! “Get Out of the Kitchen, Light the Fire and Start Cooking Outdoors!” “Cooking Everything Outdoors” © http


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    Hey this looks sooo good! I am always looking for new recipes. I mostly use the dutch oven. I cheat I use the Pillsbury dough…LOl Thanks for the post!

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    @growingYourGrub One of the advantages of this basic recipe is you can add all sorts of goodies to it.

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    Great stuff, Gary I use Honey in my Pizza dough with good luck too. Thanks!

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    Great video. Takes the mystery out of the pizza dough. I like to smoke my own bacon and put on rather than bacon bits. Thanks for the tip on the spice website also. Keep up the good work.

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    I like how it’s made with a milk crate and the description is mine lol

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    @vundabah hes afraid it will fuck up his camera lol

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    @freeNode5 really

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    how do u connect the transformers to eachother?

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    I hope you use eye protection
    that kind of light is harmful

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    learn how to spell ffs…

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    @MrForestGreen if yo can get 20 or so turns of 10 gage wire im not responsible for absolutly any thang if you do build it

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    How many turns of wire did you apply to the second coil of the transformer?

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    The title is just a bit misleading. The microwave, other then the few parts stripped from it, has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with your welder. Therefore, the word “parts” should have been added to the end of the title (“out of microwave parts”).

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    @herring7 > ‘.. you can get a manufactured ..’

    But then you miss the fun of building it yourself, and the knowledge gained from that. Of course, you also miss the obvious risk (fire, injury, or death) of poorly-conceived, jury-rigged, electronics as well.

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    Making a welder like this is really a cool thing. I’m not posting this to take *anything* away from that, but just want to point out that you can get a manufactured welder for $250 or less that will be easier to use. First you should decide whether you’re ok with an AC welder (like the microwave unit) or want a DC unit (which will produce smoother results and be easier to use). The DC unit will cost a bit more. I got a Smarter Tools 240v model which is IGBT (inverter) based.

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    you got your welder now you only need to learn how to weld, and try to weld to peaces together theres is the tricky part

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    how many windings should i have?

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    i mean in order to get i up and running again i need to cut of the blob of melted wire and rewrap

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    how u mean melting??

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    yeah its cheep but it keeps freekin melting on me!!!

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    But no friggin speaker wire!! just buy some 10 gauge wire…. its really cheap!

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    its ok thanx for the concen but yeah i used some wire my friend had but it shorted the melted and caught fire :( im gonna buy some more soon

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    so do you think i could us real thick speaker wire and split it and use that?

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    haha ya he is thinking that it will fuck with the camera like your eyes, the camera doesnt have a retina and living cells haha

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    i dont think it would burn out your camera, ive videod myself welding with my phone and thats a crappy camera and it was fine. but either way cool welder

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    I dont hear many people say their circuit breaker trips :( I did this with one MOT, and my amp meter read 55 amps initial current ! O.O Just shorting my homemade secondary coil….


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    easy!! get 2 waves and buy some wire :D:D:D:D costs 20 bucks If u already have jumper cables

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    good for you be very cerfull with it where welding gloves a welders helment and cover up any bear skin so you dont get sun bern

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    i built one of these but i only used 12 gauge wire and it wasn’t as powerful, i was able to weld about 1/8in. steel with it i used 1/16in. E6013 electrodes too