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16 Nov 11 How-To put round pipe together

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Video describes the benefits of residential geothermal heating and cooling.

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    I tried doing this and couldn’t get it to work. I’m using 24gauge pipe, it looks like yours is thinner. Anyway, I can only get 1/2″ to go together by hand and hitting it on the side while pushing down didn’t do anything >.<. I hate round pipe!

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    hey butch nice dovetail collar you forgot the damper what a hack and you only need to slam the elbow on the ground when u cant spin it do u always pre drill the holes in the snaplock u should be ashamed to call yourself a tinner

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    lol @ i left my crimpers at work so i cant crimp it… learn how to use needle nose or vise grips to make a crimp

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    who the fuck told u that every end of pipe needs to be crimped??? its all based on the air flow… and who the fuck taught u how to spin a true 45??? u fuckin scabs r brainless… heres a fuckin tip for u… since u have an 8″ elbow ur working with in this vid… when u spin ur gores… each seam on the gores should be spaced 4 inches apart… and thats how u spin a real 45

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    @misha1031 thanks alot

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    very helpful! thanks- probably just saved me a hundred bucks, now i can install my rigid dryer vent myself.
    great work!

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    Great video.

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    @MojonPerez put it on the curb for trash and yea ive got cut alot already

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    yo what are you going to do with it once you are done?you should wear glove man you can get cut bad.

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    very interesting thanks

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    Great video. Thanks for your help spreading the word on the amazing benefits of geothermal. This video has been added to the WaterFurnace Channel favorites.