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21 Jul 10 How to repair a clogged garbage disposal How to repair a clogged garbage disposal Does your garbage disposal sound like a wood chipper? Resist the temptation to try to grind up whatever is obstructing it and watch Julie Sussman and Stephanie Glakas-Tenet, authors of the Dare to Repair books, as they show you how to free a jammed garbage disposal. Keywords: fix garbage disposal repair clogged garbage disposal jammed garbage disposal
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Is your garbage disposer under-powered or just too loud? Learn how easy it is to install a new unit. In addition, learn about the differences between continuous and batch feed models, as well as other features available on new disposal units. For more DIY information, visit
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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    Yeah!!! My first post EVER……and 5 more stars from me for shutting up my girlfriend finally..worked like a charm. You guys are Super Champs!!!

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    Thank you so much! This worked like a charm and my problem was fixed in three minutes! Only thing I’d say to add would be to mention not to let aquarium rocks fall down there, too….

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    Thanks, I fixed mine at first attemp in less than 2 min

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    Thank you so much. I fixed my disposer in 5 minutes.

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    Amazing video. Thanks for showing the demo with the un-connected garbage disposal. None of the other videos did that. 5+5 stars!!!

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    OMG! Something SO simple, worked GREAT! Our disposal hasn’t worked for weeks and we were going to call a repair man. I am SO glad we didn’t. This worked like a charm´╗┐ in a matter of seconds. Thank you so much for posting this video!!! Five star rating :-)

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    Thank you soooo much! Worked like a charm.

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    ^ old wooden broom handle and vaccum cleaner

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simply amazing! worked like a charm its been clogged for weeks!!!! Done in 5 seconds!!! 5 stars without a doubt!!!!! Thanks for shutting up my wife!!!!! 5 more stars!!!!!

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    Another way of manipulating the impeller if you don’t have the wrench hole is to use an old wooden broom handle (or a plunger handle, etc) and insert down the drain hole and try to twist it around. If you think you have something like a bone or silverware, etc stuck in it, you can reach down and grab it. (yucky, I know) I would recommend – unplugging – the disposal and not rely on just having the switch turned off.

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    i love youtube!! thanks for the help

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    Thank you so much for the video, however, my disposal does not have a wrench hole on the base. It is a GE model. However there’s a metal plate. should i expect to fine the wrench hole if the metal plate is unscrewed?
    Thx! Hope to hear form you soon.

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    this guy says flange like 1000 times haha…

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    @hyphenpro Are you married? If not, good for you for installing the disposal. If you’re married to a man, please know that men need to feel needed and that jobs like this can make a guys day. Let us do it for you even if you can do it yourself!

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    YAY for Home Depot! Just like the service at the store, this video is clear, concise and easy to understand. I was so intimidate to do this myself until I watched the video. I completed the project in less than an hour .. and with no leaks!!!

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    wow this help me after i spend more than hour trying to do it on my own thanks

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    You need to use more plumbers putty on the top side or it will leak also you forgot the rubber washer below and only used the paper friction washer. It will leak without it.

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    I had to figure out how to take my disposal out. This video answered all my questions. It was great. Thanks!

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    The video helped me out a lot! Watched a couple of times and then got to work. Took me about an hour to replace my disposal and it went off without a hitch. Guess I got lucky. Plus, I still have all of my fingers! Thank H.D.!

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    Fantastic video. Great job of step by step instructions. Be sure that if you have a electrical plug that you remove it during the wiring portion. They don’t really address the plug, but it’s the same process. Very well done. Installed disposal on the first try, which is rare for me.

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    I’m a man that like to dress as a woman to do my plumbing. See you at Home Depot in my black mini and high heels.

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    Would have been nice to know that you have to ask for a power cord if you dont want to wire it yourself. I had to use my old power cord.

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    This absolutely is one of the best reasons YouTube is important. Not to mention the importance of Home Depot. Thank you, thank you. I watched this before I went to Home Depot – the salesman at Home Depot was super nice and supportive and I came home and installed the disposal. And yep – I’m a woman. And very proud of this accomplishment. The video took the mystery out of “how to.” Thanks!

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    Boycott the home depot for fired man that wore a button that read “In God we trust!”
    Thanks Fox News for letting us know!

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    thank you so much!!! I couldn’t figure out how to get the flange and rings off my old sink but thanks to you, EASY AS PIE!!! and i’m a woman who also just has replaced lightbulbs and that’s about it. thanks to u tube I’m a real live do it yourselfer!!!!! AWESOME!

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    I am a woman whose DIY skills consist of changing a light bulb. Can I do this? I want to replace my Badger 5 (which isnt working) with the exact same model. Looks like I might not even need to remove the mounting hardware.

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    Awsome video, it helped me to replace my disposer in no time. One tip, the unit doesn’t come with the plumbers putty so make sure to get some at home depot or have some good silione at home.

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    Excellent video. It helped me install my new food disposer.

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    Good video, thanks!

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    Super helpful! Many thanks, because it was just what I needed.

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    Thank you Home Depot!! This is excactly what I needed. The Badger one I have is too too loud so upgrading it

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    Good thing I saw this, I almost forgot to remove the dishwasher plug.

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    Nice work ..

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    excellent info