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22 Jul 10 How To Survive Without Air-Conditioning

Watch this video for a demonstration of “How To Survive Without Air-Conditioning”. Tocomplete the task, you will need: A fan Ice Linen sheets Get started with the first step: Mimic the cooling effects of AC by putting a heaping bowl of ice in front of a fan. Hey, a half-assed air-conditioner is better than no air-conditioner. For the complete guide, go to Also check out Howcast for other do it yourself videos from SheriffThompson and more videos in the Energy and Resource Conservation category. How can you contribute? Create your own DIY guide at or apply to the Howcast Emerging Filmmakers Program at

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Reader's Comments

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    @alozzzy1213 ice, plastic bowls and $10 fans dont cost a fortune

  2. |

    im not going all thrrew this .. i rather have air condition on

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    @yankonthis It works. But put one on your head too.

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    @heroicevil Ive tried that before man, sometimes it works other times it keeps playing the ad.

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    hey a half assed aircondtioner is better then no air conditioner

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    Press F5 to skip the ad

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    this is my version of how to stay cool in the summer . put a ice pack on your genitals

  8. |

    Thanks Im cool now….

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    @skaterbrat1234 arghm, I live in Australia, it gets up to 47c Celsius

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    @drdeb0827 not 100 degrees.

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    dam 400 people that likes more then one aa day

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    put salt into the ice to make it even cooler

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    How is this going to work for when its too damn humid besides being hot?

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    @gaaraisbest hey its hot up here too! 😉

    but its sexy.

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    @gaaraisbest lol i know how you must feel.

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    @thatstek well it is in canada, but you are right it is only part of canada. but im trying to make a point.

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    Omg I live in Canada and it’s fucking 35c

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    yeap. go to canada. *cough* 100 degrees *cough*

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    @rezrack Ok well thats not Canada, it some of Canada. Here in BC were lucky if it gets to -20

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    if you follow step 6, and drink all the water shown you could die

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    @thatstek yes in canada. last year at Christmas time I was up at about 4… dont ask why because i have no idea either 😐 anyway, in Edmonton, at like end of december it got to -32C… pretty cold

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    @rezrack Not in Canada. Mabye in the Yukon.

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    @thatstek yes i hope so too but in the winter it gets to -30C so pretty much its even lol